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Spain’s 1,000-year-old Church Rediscovered as a Result of Drought

Spain is currently experiencing a long-term drought after 36 months of below-average rainfall

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SPAIN: The church, which was completed in 1062, was submerged in water in the 1960s after a dam was built close by. The church could once again be seen because of the drought, which reduced the Sau reservoir’s water levels to 10% of their maximum level.

After 36 months of below-average rainfall, Spain is currently experiencing a long-term drought. Some areas are so dry that officials have advised residents to reduce their water use, and meteorologists have warned that things could get worse.

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Catalonia, the region that surrounds Barcelona, has some reservoirs that are so low that old buildings like bridges and a church bell tower have resurfaced, people are kite-flying on lake beds, and navigational apps portray people as being in the middle of the water when they are actually on dry land.

This spring, the northeastern Mediterranean coast, which includes Catalonia, will have drier and hotter weather than typical.

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Even though the country will see average rainfall, the dry weather will increase the risk of wildfires, according to Spain’s meteorological office, AEMET.

After 25 months with little to no rain, Catalonia requested the majority of its seven million citizens earlier this month to reduce water use by 8% at home, 15% in business, and 40% in agriculture.

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Native species will be released in surrounding waters, while invasive species will be put to death. Entry has been limited due to worries that people might become stuck in the mud.

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