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Spencer Pratt Calls Lisa Kudrow “One of the Worst People”

The reality star was asked to remark on the rudest celebrity he has ever encountered in an effortlessly candid on TikTok

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UNITED STATES: Actress Lisa Kudrow from Friends has been called “one of the worst humans” by actor Spencer Pratt.

The reality star, who is renowned for his candour and sarcasm, was asked to remark on the rudest celebrity he has ever encountered in an effortlessly candid on TikTok.

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He revealed, “That’s simple, Phoebe from “Friends,” I guess. One of the most awful people I have ever met. “

In a subsequent article, Pratt recounted a posh party in Malibu that the chairman of NBC hosted in 2009. It was their “first real A-list elite party,” which he and his wife, Heidi Pratt, were enjoying. “But it was obvious when we got there, nobody wanted us there,” he added.

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“We were a little surprised that Lisa Kudrow approached as we ate some caviar because no one had spoken to us during the celebration,” he said.

Pratt then asserts, refusing to refer to Lisa Kudrow by her full name, stated, “We’re standing near the buffet, that’s when Phoebe Buffay rolls up, and right in front of me, she tells Heidi that she needs to get away from me as fast as possible, cuz I’m gonna murder Heidi and that I have the eyes of a serial killer.”

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After making cameos in a number of television sitcoms from the 1980s, Lisa Kudrow gained worldwide recognition in the 1990s for her portrayal of Phoebe Buffay in the American sitcom Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004.

Lisa Kudrow won a Primetime Emmy and a Screen Actors Guild Award for the series. In both Mad About You and Friends, Kudrow played Ursula, Phoebe’s identical twin sister. Kudrow has won a number of honours, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards from 12 nominations, a Golden Globe Award nomination, and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Her Friends character became one of the most well-known in American television history after becoming widely popular during the show’s run.

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