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SS Rajamouli Opens up about Dream Project, ‘Mahabharat’ Film: Check Details inside

Rajamouli added that his film based on Mahabharat will be a 10-part movie series

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INDIA: The Oscar-winning filmmaker SS Rajamouli is all set to work on his dream project. The RRR director opened up about his desire to direct a film series on Mahabharat. 

However, what blew our minds was the range of the movie, which will have 10 sequels. This would be the first-ever initiated film with such a massive storyline. 

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The filmmaker recently talked about his dream project at an event. “If I get to the point of making Mahabharat, it will take me a year just to read the versions of Mahabharata that are available in the country. At present, I can only assume that it would be a 10-part film,” he said. 

The critically acclaimed director interacted with his brother-in-law Dr AV Guruva Reddy, regarding his dream project.

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He stated that he feels he is learning something new with each film he makes in preparation for making Mahabharat. He went on to say that this is his dream, and every step is a step towards it.

The vision of Mahabharat in the head of Rajamouli is huge, and to present it in the right manner and to make justice to the Indian epic drama, he is working on the core of the film.

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While promotions of RRR were going on high tides, Ram Charan asked Rajamouli about his film based on Mahabharat.  

“The characters that I write for my Mahabharat will not be the same as you’ve seen or read before. I will tell Mahabharat on my way. Mahabharat (story) will be the same, but the characters will be enhanced, and the inter-relationships between the characters will be added,” he replied.  

Rajamouli is currently living the best phase of his life any director would dream of, as his last film, RRR, carved its name in history as the song Naatu Naatu bagged an Academy award in the Best Original Song category at the 95th Oscars.

Talking about Rajamouli’s upcoming movie SSMB29, the Mahesh Babu starrer Pan-Indian film is reported to be a glob-trotting featurette. Reports also claim that the Tollywood star’s character will be inspired by Lord Hanuman.

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