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SS Rajamouli Reveals Why He Chose to Become an Atheist

SS Rajamouli said he takes references for his movies from Mahabharata and Ramayana

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INDIA: India’s renowned director SS Rajamouli who single-handedly delivered blockbuster movies like RRR and Bahubali, says that he takes reference for his movies from the epics of Hinduism. 

Rajamouli calls himself an atheist though he doesn’t apply it in his movies. However, he even claimed religious belief was a kind of exploitation. So now he keeps a minimum distance from religious aspects. 

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The critically acclaimed director, during an interview with the US media, said, “I’ve always loved epic tales like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. Whatever I produce has some degree of influence from these texts.”

“These texts are like oceans; I discover something new every time I read them. I did begin to distance myself from the religious components of those writings, but what stuck with me was the depth and brilliance of their drama and storytelling,” Rajamouli added.

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The filmmaker, in his early life, had an inclination towards the Hindu religion and started wearing saffron clothes and also lived an ascetic life for a few years. 

Then, he went on to say, “Then I was sucked by the religious zeal of my family. I began studying holy literature, making pilgrimages, donning saffron clothing, and leading an ascetic lifestyle for a while.”

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“Finally, with the help of some friends, I discovered Christianity. I would do everything from attending church to reading the Bible. All these things combined gradually gave me the impression that religion is ultimately a form of exploitation,” he concluded.

The Magadheera director announced his next mega project with Mahesh Babu, reportedly called SSMB29. Rajamouli described his upcoming film to be a globe-trotting adventure, written by his father, Vijayendra Prasad. 

His last release RRR made a huge shout-out into the film industry, got a massive response from people around the corner and is honoured with various prestigious awards.

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