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Catastrophic Cyclone Rains in Brazil’s South: 22 Fatalities, Cities Submerged

Passo Fundo residents have been forced to evacuate due to flooding

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BRAZIL: A hurricane in southern Brazil has caused flooding in numerous cities, resulting in at least 21 deaths and hundreds more displacements. Authorities in Rio Grande Sul are discovering more bodies as flood waters recede, and about 60 cities were impacted by the hurricane, according to Governor Eduardo Leite.

Passo Fundo residents have been forced to evacuate due to flooding, with estimates stating multiple people forced to leave their homes.

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One death was confirmed in Santa Catarina, an adjacent state to Rio Grande do Sul, bringing the total fatalities to 22.

The recent hurricane in Brazil is the latest in a series of extreme weather events, highlighting the dangers of increasingly frequent and intense storms due to climate change. 

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In June, 13 people were killed, and hundreds were forced to leave their homes due to a cyclone. In the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, severe rainfall in February caused landslides and flooding, resulting in at least 65 fatalities.

According to Leite, the flooding on Monday caused the most fatal climate-related incidents in the history of the state. He said that 15 of the recorded fatalities happened in Mucum.

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Social media videos show the community being flooded. Mayor Mateus Trojan warns that the death toll may rise. Mucum is no longer the town we once knew, he said.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva expressed solidarity with the Rio Grande do Sul population, who has been hit by heavy rains, resulting in the death of at least four people.

He stated that the chief of civil defence will travel to the state to help solve the issues caused by the recent heavy rains and will make every effort to help the Gaucha people.

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