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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Jorge Vilda Removed as Spain Women’s Football Coach after Luis Rubiales’ Departure

Vilda's departure coincided with backlash following RFEF president Luis Rubiales' actions at the World Cup final

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SPAIN: The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has fired former Spain head coach Jorge Vilda and replaced him with Montse Tome. Vilda’s departure coincided with backlash following RFEF president Luis Rubiales’ actions at the World Cup final.

He admitted to accepting criticisms but felt it was unfair on a personal level, stating that this year was exceptional and that untrue statements had been made.

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Spain’s World Cup victory against England was marred by Rubiales kissing forward Jenni Hermoso, leading to his resignation. The majority of his coaching staff left, and 81 players chose not to represent Spain. 

Fifa suspended Rubiales temporarily, and Pedro Rocha was appointed as the new president. The RFEF praised Jorge Vilda for promoting respect and sportsmanship in football but declined to provide further details about his firing.

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Since last week, the RFEF is considering firing coach Jorge Vilda, who is close to Rubiales. This action is considered one of the first renewal measures announced by Rocha.

Jorge Vilda, who has been in charge since 2015, has previously faced a player uprising. In September 2022, 15 players sent emails to Vilda stating they would not play for him until significant issues regarding their emotional state and health were addressed.

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Although the “Las 15” players, who have always had Rubiales’ support, denied asking for Vilda to be fired, there was tension throughout Spain’s World Cup campaign due to allegations of worries about the team’s training regimen and insufficient game preparation.

Only three of the 15 people returned from exile and were part of the team when Spain defeated England in the final. Vilda believes he was wrongfully terminated despite his team’s recent success and improved ranking to second in the Fifa world rankings.

Jorge Vilda, who was terminated, has expressed his peace with himself and the fact that he did not believe his termination was deserved. At the RFEF’s extraordinary general session, Vilda was seen cheering Rubiales on, who stated he would not quit and award Vilda a new contract. Rubiales, under fire, has since voiced his disapproval of his actions and stated he would never support discrimination against women.

Rubiales has been investigated for misconduct following a kiss with Jenni Hermoso. Vilda claims he did not witness the kiss due to his line-up position. Vilda, who has known Hermoso for 16 years, is surprised by the situation.

Former midfielder Tome, the first woman to hold the position, is set to guide Spain in Women’s Nations League qualifying games against Sweden and Switzerland. Vilda congratulated Montse Tome for her success and selected her for the coaching staff. She believes Montse Tome has the potential to succeed and has a talented squad aiming to leave a lasting legacy.

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