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Marty Stratton Made “False Accusations,” Says the Composer of Doom Eternal

Mick Gordon claims he was offered a lumpsum settlement never to speak about the issue

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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UNITED STATES: Mick Gordon, the composer of Doom Eternal’s soundtracks, has stated in response to allegations against him by the executive producer of Id Software, Marty Stratton, in May 2020.

Mick Gordon distanced himself from the Doom Eternal soundtrack

Gordon is well-known for his work on the soundtracks for several video games, including the Wolfenstein and Doom series.

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Gordon distanced himself from the Doom Eternal soundtrack album in April 2020 after fans criticized its quality. This prompted fan hypotheses about its creation, and Marty Stratton, who was filling in as chief maker on Destruction Timeless, presented an open letter on the Destruction subreddit to address reports.

Gordon wrote a lengthy statement a year and a half later to refute Marty Stratton’s claims and provided screenshots of emails and legal documents as proof of the proper timeline.

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He made his statement on Medium, saying that Marty Stratton had been manipulative and abusive. Gordon advised people not to use it as an excuse for a hate campaign and stated that he had released it to defend himself.

Gordon claimed that Marty Stratton used deception to assign blame to Gordon and that Marty Stratton had misled him about producing the Doom Eternal soundtrack album.

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In addition, he asserted that ‘id Software’ had used his “good faith” submission of tracks and edits for the in-game score rather than included in his contract and had not compensated him for them.

Gordon has presented the events in chronological order, resulting in a messy development picture. Initially, his task was to produce final tracks for two monthly levels and work on the in-game music, claimed the composer. 

He described the timetable as “tight, but not impossible.” However, he claimed that the software company ‘Id’ didn’t give him any gameplay or level design material from Doom Eternal to help him write, which made it hard.

The music should have been more behind schedule due to issues like slow communication and a contract delay.

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