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PM Rishi Sunak Says Pull Factor May Occur if Child Migrants Are Not Detained

Illegal Migratory Bill incorporated by the government gives more powers to detain

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED KINGDOM: PM Rishi Sunak says that a “pull factor” would be created that would consequently put minors at risk with the exemption of children arriving in the UK on small boats from detention.

The Illegal Migratory Bill incorporated by the government gives more powers to detain those who arrive in the UK illegally and would be removed to Rwanda or any other “safe” third country.

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On Tuesday, Sunak said that families should be incorporated in these plans so that there was no “incentive” for people to bring children. This bill is being heavily scrutinised in the House of Commons. On Tuesday, MPs debated the bill fully.

Any prior limits were also eradicated, whereby detention was meant for families with children for only 72 hours prior to being deported. Councils have a responsibility to protect children under 18. Children travelling alone to the UK would be free from detention and deportation despite the bill permitting the home secretary to remove them.

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Sunak, when asked about the condition of children at the Liaison Committee, said, “This policy does not seek to detain children. So it’s crucial that we avoid unintentionally establishing a rule that encourages individuals to bring kids who wouldn’t otherwise visit.”

He added, “We don’t want to encourage youngsters to embark on this extremely dangerous trek under abhorrent circumstances by creating a pull factor.”

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The Conservative chair of the Equalities Select Committee, Caroline Nokes, questioned Sunak, who said that the children would not be “separated from their families”. They would get proper accommodations prior to being removed. The law also mentions that it would stop anyone from getting within the bounds of the country illegally to claim asylum.

Sunak stated in the Liaison Committee that “it’s crucial to understand the velocity of what’s happening when the number of illegal immigrants has quadrupled or quintupled in just two years.”

He added, “That’s a very huge figure, and it’s increasing extremely quickly. It is quite evident that the problem’s scope is substantial and expanding. It is quite evident that the problem’s scope is substantial and expanding.”

At the beginning of this month, a number of reputable publications cited a source in the Home Office who claimed there were arrangements in place to launch flights to Rwanda by the summer.

Some asylum seekers under the Home Office scheme would be sent to Rwanda in order to obtain asylum there. To this, Sunak said, “No one has promised flights by the summer. What we’ve said is we’ll start flights as soon as we can after legal proceedings have been completed.”

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