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Sweden: PM Magdalena Andersson Steps Down as Right-wing Parties Triumph in Election

Ulf Kristersson, the leader of the Moderate Party, is currently anticipated to form a government

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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SWEDEN: With 99% of the ballots counted, Magdalena Andersson’s center-left coalition appears to lose by a slim margin against a coalition of right-wing parties, 176 seats to 173. 

Ulf Kristersson, the leader of the Moderate Party, is currently anticipated to form a government.
The Sweden Democrats, a far-right group that has advocated against the rise in gang shootings, are a component of this coalition.

Moderate party leader Ulf Kristersson. Photo Credit: Twitter
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Following a recount, as is customary in Sweden, the final outcome still needs to be verified.

Nevertheless, in a news conference on Wednesday, Andersson admitted defeat and declared she would formally step down on Thursday.

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She claimed that they have an advantage of one or two seats in parliament. It may be a little majority, but it exists.

Gangs, immigration, integration, and skyrocketing electricity bills all played a significant role in the bitterly contested election campaign.

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When Andersson assumed office as the Nordic country’s first female prime minister last year, she immediately resigned before quickly retaking office.

A four-party right-wing combination consisting of the Sweden Democrats, Moderate Party, Christian Democrats, and Liberals has succeeded in ousting her.

It is a watershed moment in Swedish politics because the Sweden Democrats, whom major parties have long avoided, now have around 20% of the vote.

By increasing the length of prison sentences and limiting immigration, it promised to “make Sweden secure again.”

As a result of not having the backing of all four parties, the party’s leader, Jimmie Akersson, will not succeed as prime minister.

Ulf Kristersson, the leader of the Moderates, has declared that he will begin the process of forming a government.

Kristersson stated on Wednesday, “I am ready to do everything I can to build a new, stable, and vigorous administration for the entirety of Sweden and all its residents.”

An arduous circumstance in Sweden

The party has had significant growth in each election after being long-time “pariahs” on the political landscape, as it worked to improve its reputation.

The election this year was characterized by its rigid stance on the epidemic of gang shootings and integration.

Due to the tiny majority and the severe disagreement amongst the four parties, particularly the Liberals and Sweden Democrats, a right-wing government’s hold on power would be highly shaky.

According to Mikael Gilljam, a political scientist at Gothenburg University, “This is a challenging parliamentary scenario.”

“The Sweden Democrats and the Liberals are parties in the same right-wing bloc that don’t get along,” he continued.

Support for the Sweden Democrats has been a contentious subject among parties and voters alike. In such a scenario, a few disappointed MPs could end up tipping the balance of power. “It’s unusual; it’s frightening..”

Soon after Andersson’s declaration, 39-year-old art curator Anna Senno said, “We’re seeing an idiocracy winning more and more ground.”

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