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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Anti-government protests

Saudi Arabia Executes Man Convicted As Teen For Participating In Anti-Government Protest

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Arabia executed Mustafa al- Darwish from the Shiite community on Tuesday who was convicted on charges related to an anti-government protest....

Activists Face Arrest While Selling Shrimps

THAILAND. Bangkok: On the last day of the year that was filled with anti-establishment protests, police arrested at least 16 activists while they were...

Hundreds Of Protestors Detained In Indonesia For Demonstrations Against The New Labour Law

INDONESIA. On the second day of heated demonstration against the controversial new jobs law, around 400 protestors were detained in Indonesia on Wednesday. The...

General Election Results Cancelled In Kyrgyzstan Amid Anti-Government Protests

KYRGYZSTAN. The citizens of Kyrgyzstan are protesting against the government of the country. The protestors are calling for the country’s parliamentary election to be...

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