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Baidu Unveils ‘Ernie Bot’ to Rival ChatGPT, Disappoints Investors on Public Launch

CHINA: Baidu, a prominent Chinese tech company, has launched its own AI-powered chatbot, known as Ernie Bot. The company presented the bot during a livestreamed...

After Introducing Its ChatGPT-style AI ERNIE, Baidu Inc.’s Shares Soars

CHINA: Shares of China's Baidu Inc. skyrocketed after the company revealed on Tuesday that internal testing of a ChatGPT-inspired project would shortly be concluded. When...

Baidu Unveils the World’s First All-Platform Integration Solution and Superconducting Quantum Computer

CHINA: On Thursday, the Chinese multinational technology corporation Baidu unveiled its first quantum computer. "Qian Shi," the first superconducting quantum computer, is capable of...

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