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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Two Potential Life Supporting Exoplanets Like Earth Found 

SPAIN: Two planets that are as huge as Earth and might support life have now been discovered by astronomers. Earth like exoplanets discovered The list of...

More Than 200 Exoplanets Found Last Year

UNITED STATES: The worldwide exoplanet hunt has remained focused on discovering another planet like Earth that contains the elements of life required for human...

NASA Plans a Bold New Strategy to Find Life on Exoplanets

UNITED STATES: The Institute for Advanced Concepts at NASA is well known for funding incredible theories in the domains of astronomy and space travel. The...

An International Team of Astronomers Discover More Than 300 Exoplanets

UNITED STATES: A team of astronomers has detected 366 fresh exoplanets. The discovery was made with the help of the data provided by the...

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