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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch Calls For Prosecution Of Former Gambian Leader, Yahya Jammeh

GAMBIA. Banjul: The Human Rights Watch has called upon the Gambian government to investigate and prosecute former president Yahya Jammeh for various human rights...

New Momentum To Reform Transgender Law In Japan: HRW Report

JAPAN. Tokyo: On Tuesday, Human Rights Watch reported that transgender people in Japan face continuing barriers to changing their recognized gender. The Japanese government...

World Press Freedom Day 2021: Information As A Public Good

WORLD: Today, we commemorate World Press Day 2021 with the central theme “Information as a Public Good” and the 30h anniversary of the Windhoek...

Watch: Humanity On Its Feet In London

UNITED KINGDOM: On 24th April 2021, people from all walks of life marched peacefully in London against lockdowns and Vaccine Passports. Read also: The Portuguese...

Human Rights Watch: Taliban Target Journalists, Women In Media

The first time an international organization has accused the Taliban for the targeted killings of journalists. Photo Credit: Afghan Journalist Society

Dress Codes Discriminate Against Women, Girls In Indonesia

INDONESIA. Padang: The discriminatory practice based on clothing had led to widespread bullying and distress among many women. Dress codes for women and girls...

Jordan’s Debt Prisons Violate Human Rights Laws

JORDAN: Amman: An alarming number of Jordanians end up in prison each year solely for failing to repay their loans, Human Rights Watch(HRW) said...

Nine Dead After Philippines President Duterte Orders To “Finish Off” Communists

Human rights leaders say the individuals killed by Philippine state forces were merely activists.

Human Rights Watch(HRW) Accuses Cameroon Soldiers Of Atrocities

CAMEROON. Yaoundé: Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused Cameroonian soldiers of torture in the village of Ebam on February 26. According to the HRW, the...

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