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Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Malawi, Kenyan Airliner Respond To India’s COVID-19 Scare

MALAWI.Lilongwe: The government of Malawi and a Kenyan Airliner have responded to, with caution, reports that India is among the countries being hit by...

A Thirty Day Journal

INDIA: After 17 years, I was looking forward to a return to my homeland with a one-way ticket with a mixture of anticipation and...

A Time To “CARE” Not “SCARE”

INDIA: A Muslim man lighting the funeral pyre of a Hindu friend as the deceased’s family helplessly watched on a mobile phone screen, from...

Astrology: The Sun Signs (Rashi), Their Lordships, And Trikonas (Part IV)

INDIA. Mumbai: In the last article, it is observed that when a native's horoscope is being studied by a practicing astrologer(Jyotishi), one finds that he...

Saudi Arabia, Thailand, And UAE Send Oxygen Tanks To India

INDIA: Saudi Arabia will be shipping 80 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen to help India as the country has insufficient supplies due to a...

Australian Cricketer Pat Cummins Makes A Generous Donation For India’s Fight Against COVID-19

INDIA: Australian cricketer Pat Cummins has donated $50,000 to the PM CARES Fund of India. Cummins has shared a note on Twitter where he...

“The Secret”: Ask, Belief And Receive

INDIA. Mumbai: 2006, Australian-American pseudoscientific documentary film, “The Secret,” released in March, exemplifies the popular belief that everything one desires is available through the “Law...

Everyone Above The Age Of 18 To Get Vaccination Against COVID-19 In India

India. NewDelhi: Government of India announced the Phase-3 Strategy of Covid-19 Vaccination, to be rolled out from 1st May. According to the new strategy,...

India Faces A Higher Than Ever Record Of COVID Deaths

As a percentage of the caseload, the deaths are still lower than last year, but that is hardly a consolation for a population that in near future may see around 3,000 a day. Photo Credit: Twitter

States In India Impose Weekend Curfews To Contain The Virus Spread

On Thursday, the Delhi government announced fresh curbs to tackle Covid-19 in the National Capital. Photo Credit: Twitter

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