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No Longer Human: The Disbarred Life Of Osamu Dazai

JAPAN: 'Ningen shikkaku', literally translating to 'No longer human', is a 1948 novel by Osamu Dazai. The brilliantly haunting novel is now considered a...

Google Doodle Celebrates Hisaye Yamamoto

UNITED STATES: As part of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Google Doodle honored on the 4th of May 2021 Hisaye Yamamoto. Yamamoto was one...

Chess Is Culture: Find Two Classic Authors In Garry Kasparov’s Kasparovchess Legacy

UNITED STATES. New York: After the short online teaching presence some twenty years ago and the 2017 participation in MasterClass, chess legend Garry Kasparov is launching...

Equitable Math Instruction: A Mutilated Octopus

SPAIN: Ethnomathematics, the study of the relationship between mathematics and culture, has recently become the subject of anti-racist educational campaigns by Woke educators. At...

Broken Windows: Common Element Between Two Books On Racism And A “No Fear” Shop

SPAIN: As discrimination worsens in Spain, its streets become classrooms, and chances to improve dialogue and ease multicultural stratification take the form of broken windows. One...

Lessons About COVID-19 From 1947 Author Of “The Plague”

INDIA. “For most people, it was obvious that the separation must last until the end of the epidemic. And for every one of...

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