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Monday, September 25, 2023
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Scientists Witness Star Devouring Planet for the First Time, Revealing Earth’s Fate

UNITED STATES: Astronomers have made a groundbreaking discovery, catching a star in the act of consuming a planet for the first time ever. The event,...

MIT Engineers Built a Unique Camera that Works Underwater without Battery

UNITED STATES: An innovative new camera system that uses underwater sound waves to operate underwater and send data wirelessly has been created by a...

Scientists Capture Unusual “Heartbeat” Signal from a Very Distant Galaxy

UNITED STATES: A strange radio signal that frequently radiates from the depths of the universe, "like a heartbeat," has been found by scientists.  The Massachusetts...

The Moon’s Crust is Porous, Providing Information on Past Bombardments

UNITED STATES: The early solar system resembled a game of space rock dodgeball around 4.4 billion years ago as the moon, and other developing...

MOXIE On Mars: Off-Earth Oxygen Production Paving The Way For Interplanetary Culture

UNITED STATES: In early April, NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter became the first-ever aircraft to effectuate a controlled flight on another planet. On April 21st, NASA...

Philippine Technological School Wins Prestigious International Award

PHILIPPINES. Makati: The technological school iAcademy was awarded the Most Innovative Education Provider honor. It is the only educational institution in the Philippines to...

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