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Anxiety-Depression: A Burgeoning Phenomena In The Developing World

INDIA. A new disorder emerges in the developing world in the form of 'anxiety and depression,' among youngsters and the elderly in this century....

Anu Bagal: If You Haven’t Found It Yet, Keep Looking. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

Anu says that as an entrepreneur, people will look up to you as you hold the opportunity to change lives. ”You have the ability to be a role model for family, friends, employees, and community members,” believes Anu. Photo Credit: Anu Singh Bagal

“Believing In The Purpose Of Your Business Is Important”: Deepankar Khare

Deepankar Khare talks about zero hunger as a major goal for the United Nations, and also advices tips to budding entrepreneurs, among other topics in an interesting chat.

Films: A Depiction Of Society, Marvelously brought Out By The Author About Alzheimer’s Syndrome

INDIA. Mumbai: Films and literature are works of art. These are creative ventures driven by stories. There is an intrinsic link between literature and...

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