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Films: A Depiction Of Society, Marvelously brought Out By The Author About Alzheimer’s Syndrome

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
Accountancy and Auditing.CS from ICSI,Delhi.PGDFT from the World Trade Institute_Gold Medalist.keen in Pharma Industry,Corporate,Culture,Finance,Foreign Trade,Procurement & SCM.

INDIA. Mumbai: Films and literature are works of art. These are creative ventures driven by stories. There is an intrinsic link between literature and films. Society demands that films should essentially be a true reflection of the reality that is prevalent during a particular era.

Creative fiction writers, on the other hand, are free to pivot from traditional thoughts whilst carving their novels. They are driven by self-inspiration.

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The readers need to interpret and comprehend the writer’s imagination through their perception. The narration and the style of the writers could vary from one writer to another.

The writer’s thoughts about change

The writer may want to communicate to his potential readers’ that the society in which one lives, can be changed, by his thoughts articulated through the work of fiction that he’s exhibiting!

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Mahatma Gandhi once said,“You must be the change you wish to see in the World”.

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Curating the films

The films cannot be an inspiration to writers, as the medium is completely different. Films are driven by the director’s perception of every shot.

The task of creating a film is more taxing as it contains many components that are required to be kept in mind while shooting a particular shot.

After the script-writer has finalized his script for the film, the director has to take charge of the entire shooting process.

Every department that is responsible for the completion of the project has to contribute as a team to make the shots look better for the audiences. Hence, there are takes and retakes.

The script-writer, the cameraman, assistance for light and shade images, the actors on the screen, the setting of the scene has to be exactly as perceived by the director, but may also be changed based on the director’s imagination.

He is the curator of the entire film. The director’s decision about a particular shot is final because he has perceived the larger picture.

It is the director’s genius to paint the canvas through the camera in an appropriate setting.

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The cameraman and other contributors

The cameraman and his team also contribute phenomenally for a particular shot. It is truly a cumbersome task indeed! It is the teamwork of the entire unit that brings vibrance to a film to eventually succeed at the box office.

The editing and cinematography, and the music department have to contribute at their very best to bring out the director’s bigger picture come alive on the screen.

The film adaptations

Nowadays a new trend has emerged to make a film adaptation of the creative novelist’s story. The American Novelist, Nicholas Sparks, had written his novel entitled, The Notebook (in 1996). The novel became a New York Times best-seller.

After eight years this book was adapted into a film by the same name “THE NOTEBOOK (in the year 2004)”. The film became an instant hit!

Video Credits: YouTube: Extended Trailer

Story. Allie, a young girl, and Noah’s love blossoms with a spot on intimacy. They get separated because of class differences between them. Allie’s mother does not like their relationship, as Noah comes from a poor background. He had to go on a war call for America, and when he returns, the ghosts of World War II images trouble his mind.

In the midst of this, he sees his girlfriend again. After several years they reunite. Their love sores; because Allie feels that she is deceived by Noah. When she learns about the letters that were written by Noah, she flares up and feels remorse. But, had committed to marry an elite lawyer, Lon, after three weeks.

The book and the movie is not a thriller, but the thrill comes from the sparkling romance, rekindled into a new relationship! And, Noah’s commitment to rebuilding his old house in New Bern.

A relationship where true love overcomes all obstacles in their path. They reunite and live together in their old age, despite the loss of memory of Allie. ‘The Notebook’ written makes her remember many things about the past and Noah’s belief in miracles gets truly validated. Their first love indeed lasts, till the end of life’s journey!


  • Nilesh Chogle

    Accountancy and Auditing.CS from ICSI,Delhi.PGDFT from the World Trade Institute_Gold Medalist.keen in Pharma Industry,Corporate,Culture,Finance,Foreign Trade,Procurement & SCM.

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