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Sunday, June 20, 2021
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US Troops

Taliban Warns Neighbouring Countries Against Allowing US Military Bases

AFGHANISTAN. Kabul: Reacting to media reports about the US military troops' possible intention to keep its presence in the region after leaving Afghanistan, the Taliban...

US May Increase Troops In Afghanistan Ahead Of Withdrawal: Pentagon

The United States will likely increase the presence of its troops in Afghanistan temporarily. Photo Credit: Twitter

“Hard” To Meet May 1 Deadline, Says Biden

AFGHANISTAN. Herat: Speaking at a live press conference on Thursday, US President Joe Biden said that it will be hard to meet the May...

The US Troops Won’t Leave Afghanistan In May: US Senator Lindsey Graham

AFGHANISTAN. Herat. Republic US Senator Lindsey Graham said that the American forces will remain in Afghanistan and will be withdrawn only when the conditions are...

US President Expected To Order US Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan As Taliban Claims New Territory In Badakhshan

UNITED STATES/AFGHANISTAN: President Donald Trump has called for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by Christmas. According to the plan, the number of US troops in...

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