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A Reflection on Social Taboos Affecting the Indian Women

Reflecting on some of the social taboos that are predominantly faced by Indian women | Photo Credit: Pixabay

Taliban Asks Women Doctors, Health Care Officials to Resume Jobs In Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN: After the Taliban invaded Afghanistan, the health crisis is becoming a matter of concern in the country. Now, the Taliban have reportedly urged...

The Promise Of The Dapivirine Ring For Women In HIV Prevention

NIGERIA: This year, 2021 will make it 40 years since the first reported case of AIDS in the world; HIV/AIDS is being declared as...

Journey Of Women Scientists

INDIA. Delhi: An inspiring journey of 100 women scientists who returned to science after a break in career has been documented in a book...

Google Doodle Celebrates Hisaye Yamamoto

UNITED STATES: As part of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Google Doodle honored on the 4th of May 2021 Hisaye Yamamoto. Yamamoto was one...

A Woman Who Materialized Her Dream Of Bringing Smiles

Koshish Ek Ashaa is a nonprofit organization working consistently on programs in the fields of healthcare, education, empowerment, support, and financial aid for the most vulnerable populations in India. Photo Credit: Sonu Sharma

PZ Cussons Donates Shea-Butter Processing Center For Niger Women

NIGERIA. Niger State: PZ Cussons Foundation has donated a shea-butter processing center to an all women Cooperative Group in Fazhi community in Edati local...

Eswatini Women Suffer Gender Injustice Under The Guise Of Cultural Norms

ESWATINI: Despite the global calls on gender equality, women in Eswatini (Swaziland) continue to suffer discrimination, violence due to cultural and religious norms. Although the...

Kenyan Judge Advises Parliament To Dissolve Over Lack Of Women In Politics

KENYA. A constitutional crisis surfaced in Kenya when one of its eminent judges called for the dissolution of Parliament. Along with that, the judge...

Deaf Woman Empowers Peers

ZIMBABWE. Marondera. Not only physically able, rich people have the ability to empower and support others, especially those with disabilities. Those who have disabilities...

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