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4 Best Solo Travel Places in India for Female Tourists

Rejuvenating Indian destinations for solo women travel

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: There is a certain sense of accomplishment and personal fulfilment in travelling alone—a sense of belief in oneself and coming to understand how human capabilities soar into the free open sky.

Women and teenagers have always found it difficult to travel alone, owing to a variety of constraints. Travelling, in addition to being an escape from the cacophony of city life, is also a journey towards the inner self in order to regain the inner peace required for a better functioning of life.

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Women travellers, despite the restrictions, have created a distinct niche for themselves by escaping this monotony in life and travelling to places that give them bountiful scope to enjoy nature and life beyond.

Best destinations in India suitable for women travelling solo


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Photo Credit: Pixabay/5350755

A city strewn with magnanimous lakes and forts where one can etch a cute message for their loved ones, Udaipur welcomes travellers who wish to have a regal time exploring the history, culture, traditions, and places of intrigue and awe. One can visit the city palace, which has multiple doors and windows, halls, and rooms, and gaze at the magnificent stretch of the city from one of the palace windows.

One can also visit the varied havelis in the city and engage in some solo shopping sprees in the bazaars, apply mehndi on hands, and devour the most special Rajasthani food, from “Dal baati churma” to “Gatte ki sabzi”.

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Udaipur is easily accessible from important cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Visiting important historic places in Agra and Delhi following a trip to Udaipur can be an amazing option for solo travelers, too.


Photo Credit: Pixabay/julietg870

If you crave a place that is tranquil and pristine with lush green mountain slopes, Sikkim is an ideal place for this kind of extravaganza. Especially for solo women travelers, this place could be perfect for enjoying alone time in one of the homestays overlooking the snow-engulfed mountains, with a cup of hot coffee or green tea by the table.

In addition to hot beverages, swiftly and slowly perusing a book, and waking up to the view of a fog being dissipated by the mellow rising sun and with birds chirping in the vicinity doubles the fun.

The historical marvels, such as Tibetan-style gompas, could be visited along with waterfalls, rhododendron flowers, alpine meadows, and a lot more. The ideal time to visit Sikkim is between October and March.


Photo Credit: Pixabay/shadsiddiqui

Rishikesh is ideal for solo travel for a lot of reasons. “The Yoga Capital of the World” is the name designated to this place owing to its proximity to the banks of the Ganges. The food is one of the most important reasons why solo female travellers adore visiting this place.

Some of the activities that one can indulge in in Rishikesh can be therapeutic and rejuvenating, like pottery-making and art workshops, meditation sessions, and a lot more that happen all throughout the year.

With its peaceful aura, just sitting by the banks of the Ganges alone with your thoughts can prove to be inexplicably redemptive.


Photo Credit: Pixabay/DoctorAramis

Pondicherry, a small French town on the southernmost tip of India, attracts many solo travellers because it promises a lively solo experience to all who visit. The trees on either side of the roads built up a beautiful canopy that one can enjoy with a cup of coffee in hand. Houses in Pondicherry are bright and vibrant, which gives a solo tourist endless scope for trying out photography.

A nice way to spend the evening in the heart of this glorious place would be to take a long, luxurious bath with bath salts and scented candles on the rack as one enjoys the beautiful sight. One can also walk along the promenade, underneath the sunset sky, lining the vast stretch of the Arabian Sea, followed by a visit to the Auroville Township, which is just an hour away from Pondicherry.

Some of the most important activities that a solo tourist can do in this place involve practising yoga and art, meditation in the Matri Mandir, street photography, and a lot more. One can even buy fashionable clothes from the local shops.

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