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Taiwan Inspects Chinese Military Activity after President’s Meeting with US Speaker McCarthy 

McCarthy's main motive was to send arms to Taiwan as quickly as possible

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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TAIWAN: After the Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen’s meeting with US speaker Ken McCarthy, Taiwan examines Chinese military activity.

Authorities in Taiwan are monitoring Chinese military activity that incorporates a carrier strike group situated approximately 200 nautical miles off the pivotal island’s coastline.

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This took place after President Tsai Ing-Wen got in touch with US House Speaker Ken McCarthy in Los Angeles. 

McCarthy’s main motive was to send arms to Taiwan as quickly as possible. The “strong and unique partnership” of Taiwan with the US was felicitated by Tsai in the meeting that took place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. 

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On Thursday, Chiu Kuo-cheng, Taiwan’s defence minister, mentioned that the military based on the island was observing the Shandong aircraft carrier-led group that comprised a pact of navy vessels that was made operational by the aircraft carrier was a training exercise and that the timing was “sensitive” despite the fact that no planes were observed taking off from the ship.

It was confirmed later that Nimitz, the US aircraft carrier that had ties in joint drills with Japan and Korea, was located in the same area as the Shandong in the East China Sea. 

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A PLAN-instrumented missile destroyer was observed by Japan between Taiwan and the island of Yonaguni in Japan. A contentious 2021 law purports to provide China’s coastguard, which is under the central military commission’s direction, the ability to stop and inspect vessels in the area, even though it is not known that it has ever done so.

Taiwanese ships, including cargo and ferry services, have been ordered by the Taiwanese defence ministry to refuse any attempts by this patrol to board and inspect them.

After meeting with McCarthy, the second-in-line for the US presidency, Beijing reacted fiercely, accusing the two of undermining its claim to Taiwan, collaborating on “separatist” goals, and worsening Sino-US relations.

McCarthy stated at a news conference, “We must continue the arms sales to Taiwan and make sure such sales reach Taiwan on a very timely basis. We must strengthen our economic cooperation, particularly with trade and technology.” 

The China’s Defence Ministry spokesperson said in a statement, “We vehemently reject all types of formal contact between the United States and Taiwan as well as any trip made to the US by representatives of the Taiwanese government, regardless of the reason or title.” 

McCarthy reinstated the fact that a shared ideology of amicable relationships and the belief in democracy and freedom are pivotal in managing affairs. 

“For the free world to continue to enjoy economic freedom, peace, and regional stability, it is vital that Taiwan and America retain their alliance,” he highlighted. 

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