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Taliban Captures Three Major Cities And 18 Provinces Of Afghanistan

Zabul, Logar, Ghor, Urugzan and Badghis provinces were invaded and captured by the Taliban among others

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AFGHANISTAN. Kabul: Three major cities of Afghanistan that included Herat, Kandahar, and Helmand fell to the Taliban on Thursday night. Along with those cities, Zabul, Logar, Ghor, Urugzan and Badghis provinces were also invaded and captured by the Taliban.

Major Afghan cities have been witnessing heavy clashes for the past few weeks. Herat security forces and people resistance movement led by Jihadi leader, Ismail Khan were fighting against the Taliban for over two weeks.

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On Thursday afternoon after security forces retreated from a security checkpoint in east of Herat city, the Taliban advanced toward the heart of Herat, attacking Herat prison, Governor office, and Herat police commandery following the collapse of the government posts.

So far, the Taliban controls 14 provinces out of 34 provinces and has control over 200 districts. They seized military equipment, humvee tanks, and airports.

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Herat-Kabul flights were canceled after the fall of Herat last night. The Taliban fighters moved to capture Herat airport after taking over Herat.

The Afghan government has not taken any action yet. Meanwhile, in an open statement, President Ghani said that he will celebrate the victory of security forces soon.

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According to the inside sources, Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib has resigned from his post. The unconfirmed report indicates that the US has asked President Ghani to step up from power before the security in the region endangers. However, US Foreign Ministry has rejected the claims.

As the situation deteriorates in Afghanistan, India and other countries are pulling their nationals and diplomats out of Afghanistan. Indian officials left Mazar-e-Sharif, a major city in the north of Afghanistan following the heavy attacks of the Taliban on the city. Iranian embassy also issued a statement last week ordering its citizens to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.

The Pentagon spokesman John Kerby said on Thursday that the US State Department is sending 3,000 US marines and soldiers to Afghanistan and another 4,000 troops to the region to evacuate most of the American Embassy and US citizens in Kabul.

The Biden administration is bracing up for a possible collapse of the Afghan government within the next month, administrative and military officials told New York Times.

Quoting US intelligence officials, Reuters reported that the Taliban could capture Kabul in 90 days.

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So far, no other foreign embassies have informed about their diplomats’ withdrawals.

Efforts in Doha continue for a possible ceasefire between US envoy Zalmai Khalilzad, the Afghan delegation, and the Taliba. Sources from Doha say that the USA, Taliban, and the chairman of Peace Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah are bargaining on the election of President for the interim government in Doha, adding that 95 percent agreement is made on a 6-month ceasefire.


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