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Taliban Offer Security to Indian Mission

In addition to maintaining security, it promised to closely monitor diplomats' immunity and work well with others

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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INDIA. New Delhi: On Saturday, the Foreign Ministry of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan announced that it welcomed India’s diplomatic representation in Kabul and pledged to provide security for the Indian mission there.

India claimed in a statement that its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan would lead to the start of new projects and the completion of “unfinished projects” it had already started.

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“Afghanistan welcomes India’s initiative to enhance its diplomatic mission in Kabul,” the statement read.

By placing a “technical team” in its embassy in Kabul in June, India restored its diplomatic representation there. After the Taliban took over in August, India withdrew its representatives from the embassy over worries for their safety.

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In addition to maintaining security, it promised to closely monitor diplomats’ immunity and work well with others.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry stated that it hoped that increasing diplomatic ties with India and sending diplomats will improve bilateral ties and encourage India to complete unfinished projects as well as start new crucial ones.

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Hebatullah Akhundzada, the supreme leader of the Taliban, declared last month that no one would be permitted to carry out attacks on foreign nations from Afghan territory.

India has refused to recognise the new Afghan government and has been pushing for the establishment of a Kabul government that is truly representative of all Afghans. India has also insisted that no terrorist attacks against other nations may take place on Afghan soil.

India has sent Afghanistan many shipments of humanitarian aid over the past few months. To address the growing humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan, India has been advocating for unrestricted humanitarian supplies.

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