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“Don’t Talk To Me”, Sonia Gandhi Over Adhir Chowdhury’s ‘Rashtrapatni’ Remark

BJP demanded an apology from Congress President because Sonia Gandhi has appointed Chowdhury as the leader in Lok Sabha

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INDIA.Delhi: The stalwart leader of Lok Sabha and Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury’s incongruous remark upon President Murmu flamed in house wrangle.

He reportedly addressed the President of India as, ‘Rashtrapatni’. This statement encouraged protests and the opposition demanded an apology for the same. Meanwhile, BJP leader Smriti Irani and Congress President Sonia Gandhi engaged in verbal conflict. 

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According to reports, BJP demanded an apology from Congress President in context to the remark because Sonia Gandhi has appointed Chowdhury as the leader in Lok Sabha.

“What is my fault?” Sonia Gandhi is learned to have asked Bihar MP Rama Devi. Thats when Union Minister Smriti Irani apparently protesting Chowdhury’s “Rashtrapatni” remark intervened, leading to a direct spat.

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Rama Devi told the media that when Gandhi was asking her what her fault was, “I replied that it was her fault that she elected Mr. Chowdhury as the leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha.”

Smriti Irani interrupted in the middle of this conversation. “Madam, may I help you? I have taken your name,” she said to Gandhi. Gandhi first ignored her but was then seen staring and speaking angrily at her. “Don’t talk to me.”

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Retaliating, Irani threw a verbal attack on Sonia Gandhi, demanding an apology from her. “Sonia Gandhi sanctioned the humiliation of a woman at the highest constitutional office in the country,” she said. Irani also called Gandhi “anti-Adivasi, anti-Dalit, and anti-woman”. 

Another attack came from the finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, “I demand an apology from the President of Congress party who herself is a woman has allowed her leader to speak like that. Sonia Gandhi should come before the nation and apologise for insulting the President.”

Chowdhury feels sorry about Gandhi’s name being dragged unnecessarily. He said, “I can’t even think of insulting the President. It was just a mistake. If the President felt bad, I will personally meet her & apologise. They can hang me if they want. I am ready to get punished but why is she (Sonia Gandhi) being dragged in this?.”

Chowdhury even clarified, “Rashtrapatni slipped out, that was my mistake. I am Bengali, not a Hindi-speaking person, so it slipped out. I never intended any insult to the country’s highest post, not in my wildest dreams can I think of doing so”.

This heated parliamentary conflict continued to rise and Chowdhury requested the media not to entertain it for controversial purposes. 

Former Minister Milind Deora said he had never seen Gandhi being rude or impolite, even when provoked. Union Minister Smriti Irani Sends Legal Notice to Congress Leaders in Goa Liquor Bar Issue


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