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Tamannaah Bhatia Confirms Relationship with Vijay Varma, Refers to Him as Her ‘Source of Happiness’

While the couple has been spotted together on numerous lunch and dinner dates, they have maintained a discreet stance about their relationship

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INDIA: The highly speculated celebrity couple of Bollywood, Tamannaah Bhatia, and Vijay Varma, have officially confirmed their relationship, bringing their romantic liaison into the public eye. The duo will soon be sharing screen space in Netflix’s Lust Stories 2, adding more excitement to their already talked-about bond. 

While the couple has been spotted together on numerous lunch and dinner dates, they have maintained a discreet stance about their relationship. However, a viral photo from a New Year’s party captured the couple in an intimate moment, fueling further speculation.

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Putting an end to all the rumors, Tamannaah has now openly acknowledged her relationship with Varma, describing him as her ‘happy place.’ During a recent media interaction, the Babli Bouncer actress shared, “Vijay Verma is someone with whom I formed an organic bond. He approached me with his guard down, making it easier for me to let my guard down as well.”

Addressing the dynamics of their relationship, Tamannaah added, “With accomplished women, there is often a tendency to feel the need to work hard for everything. But you don’t have to walk on eggshells. You can be yourself. Friendship plays a crucial role in a relationship—it’s someone you can share laughter with, even at the highest volume, where you sound like different animals. He is a person whom I deeply care about, and he is my happy place.”

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When asked if the attraction between them developed on the film set, where they are paired opposite each other in an upcoming Netflix original, Tamannaah responded, “I don’t believe you can be attracted to someone solely because they are your co-star. I have worked with numerous co-stars in the past. If feelings arise for someone, it’s a personal matter, unrelated to their profession. The reason behind such feelings goes much deeper.”

Above all, the actress emphasized the importance of maintaining their friendship alongside their romantic relationship. She expressed, “We are friends, and we hold a great deal of respect for each other. I would never want to belittle him. I knew I could playfully tease him within certain boundaries, but it was nothing compared to how I would tease him in reality. (laughs)”

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In conclusion, Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma’s confirmation of their relationship has added a new dimension to their already captivating presence in the entertainment industry. As they prepare to grace the screens together, their camaraderie and mutual admiration continue to grow, shaping a promising future for this celebrated couple.

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