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Techtro And Ranjit Bajaj Launches ‘Techtro Swades United’ Football Club

To create a fresh lease of life and a career-defining chance at reviving the sport in this majestic state

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INDIA. Himachal Pradesh. Football in Himachal was limited to just a kick around. Dreams of making a career in football just remained a dream. A land brimming with talent will no more have to subdue their passion. A land with aspiring footballers will no longer have to forget their dreams. The valleys of Himachal will resonate with the cheers and passion of the football-loving people of Himachal Pradesh. Techtro Swades United comes as a fresh lease of life and a career-defining chance at reviving the sport in this majestic state.

Techtro Swades United Digital launch on August 29 at 8 pm IST, across all social media Handles of TECHTRO-IFTWC, a date in history as the day when Himachal Pradesh Football was redefined. With a unique fan-owned model, the club rids itself of incompetent management and ensures that the decisions will always benefit the club and the fans of the club.

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Co-incidentally, the club launches on the day of National Sports Day. “Any sport is nothing without its supporters, and it is befitting that fan-owned club is brought onto the frame on National Sports Day. With the backing of lifelong football fans in the club, Himachal football will be in safe hands,” says Kholiya.

Be a part of history as Himachal Pradesh's first ever professional club launches! Don't miss this🎉⏰ 8.00 PM 🎥 TECHTRO YouTube channel https://youtu.be/_YCeUZ-8Ykc#AvalancheIsComing #IndiakaClub

Posted by Techtro – Indian Football Hub on Saturday, August 29, 2020

Mission to make football a household sport

Techtro Swades United club springs up some major surprises with one of the co-owner Ranjit Bajaj, a man who has redefined Indian Football and has produced a plethora of world-class talents from his brainchild Minerva FC& CC. The other co-owner boasts of the youngest Football Club owner Neeraj Kholiya; the one who made his name prominent in the industry when his brainchild “Techtro” defied all the odds and streamed all the youth matches of our National Team.

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Kholiya and Bajaj’s combined idea is to sync the growth of football in the state of Himachal Pradesh. West Bengal, Manipur, Kerala, Mizoram are few of the states in India which have become the hotbeds of Indian Football.

Techtro Swades United
Photo Credit: Techtro Swades United
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Techtro Swades United born with the dream, “Together, Himachal Pradesh can and will rise to the top of the nation with the help of this beautiful game,” Bajaj said.


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