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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Tensions Increases after North Korea Fires More Missiles

United States bombers fly over South Korea

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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SOUTH KOREA: The North Korean display of missiles hit a new high today. North Korea launched four ballistic missiles into the sea on Saturday. The United States retaliated by sending two supersonic bombers to the region. The bombers flew over South Korea in a contesting display of military might.

Tensions are rising in the region

The Joint Chiefs of Staff for South Korea said that four missiles with a short range, fired from the west-coastal area of North Korea, travelled around 130 kilometres towards South Korea’s western sea.

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This week alone, North Korea has “test-fired” over 30 missiles. The missiles included an (ICBM) launched on Thursday. The ICBM launch triggered evacuation alerts in Japan. 

 The country’s display of military strength began after the United States and South Korea undertook a massive combined aerial exercise.

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According to the South Korean military, two B-1B bombers trained with four F-16 fighter jets from the United States and four South Korean F-35 jets. The air force drills, called “Vigilant Storm,” wraps up on Saturday.

North Korea responded to the joint military exercise

North Korean Foreign Ministry described their military actions as a fitting answer to the exercise. The ministry termed the exercise as the display of “military confrontation hysteria” by the United States.

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The country has historically expressed a dislike towards the display of American force in the troubled region. The country described the B-1B as a “nuclear strategic bomber.”

The B-1B flyovers were a show of force when tensions had arisen between North and South Korea in the past. The last time B-1B planes were flown in the region was in 2017, amidst another provocative display of weapons by North Korea.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff described the participation of the B1B bombers in the joined military drills as a demonstration of readiness to respond to North Korean provocations and the commitment of the United States to defend its ally.

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