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G20 Members Seek Effective Tactics and Holistic Approach to Combat Terrorism

G20 Foreign Ministers met in New Delhi on March 1 and 2

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: On Thursday, Foreign Ministers of G20 countries expressed the need to counter terrorism in all its forms, as the increasing threats are linked with emerging technologies that the terrorists use.

G20 leaders discuss about countering terrorism

A more inclusive multilateralism reform was incorporated into the outcome document at the end of the G20 meeting held by foreign ministers.

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As per document, G20 Foreign Ministers met in New Delhi on March 1 and 2 at a prime time when there are concerns brewing throughout the world with respect to multidimensional challenges.

It included a lack of progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate change, biodiversity loss, economic stagnation, debt distress, erratic pandemic recovery, food and energy security, etc.

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It stated, “To fulfil the rising need for energy, sustainable supply chains must be strengthened, circular thinking must be promoted, and inclusive investments must be encouraged.”

Foreign Ministers also added that the cross-border terrorism coming from Pakistan has been one of the major concerns for India. The leaders called for a holistic approach against terrorism.

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The outcome document mentioned, “We condemn terrorism in all of its manifestations, including those motivated by xenophobia, racism, and other forms of intolerance, as well as those committed in the name of religion or belief, remembering the Leader’s Declaration from Antalya (2015), Hamburg (2017), and Osaka (2019), while also acknowledging the commitment of all religions to peace. It represents one of the gravest risks to global peace and security.”

The effect of new technologies and their threat have also been highlighted by the outcome document. It mentioned, “For example, new information and communication technologies have been used by terrorists for terrorist propaganda and recruitment as well as the planning and execution of terrorist attacks.”

The document also mentions that in order to fight such threats, it is imperative to strengthen international alliances through “exchange of best practices, sharing of information, and effective mutual legal assistance”.

Linkages in organised crime stir responses from criminal justice systems. Augmentation of the degree of international cooperation should delineate the “safe haven” for terrorist groups, operations liberty, recruitment and movement, and support in forms of finance, material, and politics.

Illicit international drug supply chains should be stopped in order to ensure global health and security that deems it fit to seek enhanced cooperation. It iterated that illegal drug and chemical precursor proliferation ought to be stopped at all locations of origin, transit, and destination.

Equal areas of discussion were promoting women’s equality in all spheres, including education, national and international sports, and professional opportunities; strengthening the humanitarian base; and ensuring a blooming work force and representing underrated workers, all of which are of prime importance.

The meeting had a total of 40 delegations participating, marking one of the largest amalgamations of foreign ministers hosted by any G20 presidency.

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