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The AI Frolics Of Social Networking

In the words of Dave Waters: “The potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence are huge, so are the dangers.”

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A thought worth deliberating

Where the world is facing the deadly pandemic of COVID-19, when the entire humanity has chosen to stay back home and waiting for the catastrophe to cross by, humans are ignorant of a threat they are coming across each day in their lives, without even getting a hint of how it works and what repercussions they can face slowly and steadily not only on their pockets rather on every move they are taking, of every action they are doing 24/7 on their mobiles, tablets laptops or any other gadgets which is internet friendly. As rightly quoted by Bill Gates: “Humans should be worried about the threat posted by artificial intelligence”.

The insight

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users of a renowned social networking site people are unaware of the many hidden facts and are blindly following the trend of posting their pictures, their connections, their personal information their check-ins / check-outs without even realizing that this act have contributed a lot in an evolution of new web based terminology using AI as the backend platform called as ‘f-commerce’ specifically with reference to Facebook. Strange but true, as per many studies done by researcher worldwide, it has been proved that networking sites contributes to a very high percentage of impulse buying and surprisingly the studies also reveals that these purchases have no moderating effect of income which otherwise plays a very significant role under planned purchases.

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In this fast moving unstoppable modern world of a paradigm shift from baby boomers to generation-x and the millennials we all have become unintentional slaves of this technological advancement in terms of social networking and are displaying our privacy to the outside world without having a notion as to how it will be used further. It is impressively more powerful and ceaselessly unfurls new highlights with old companions. These networking sites are building a business with long haul possibilities where the function of Artificial Intelligence is just unbelievable.

Social networking has developed as a stage empowering discussion and correspondence between individuals as an exceptionally important wellspring of knowing their way of life, interests, personal conduct standards and taste all around. What are their likes and dislikes? This information is being used for benefit at an over the top worth. That is the place where AI comes in. Man-made intelligence empowers machines to figure out how to explain information, without anyone else. These sites using various AI  tools transcript conversations of two users for generating leads for advertisers directly positioning the user’s minds for prospective impulse customers only on the basis of their casual chit chat. Undoubtedly you as a user and a shopaholic can’t avoid lucrative discounts and mind boggling offers from brands of your interest across the globe when you know your purchase is just a click away and product will be delivered within three days having a harsh kick on your pockets without even making you realize the long term consequences of it.

The Fear Factor

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Assets like web-based media, news channels, intuitive road maps and online index benefits all give important stores of information that might support existing investigative and analytical practices. Social media networking is yet to be managed on the grounds that online information use stays new and excluded from standard enactments. Internet security and information theft is not to be taken lightly with the many scandals that happened in the recent past such as Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal.


We progressively utilize present day innovation, regardless of whether it is by requesting food supplies through an application or perusing articles chose through man-made brainpower (AI). These advantages accompany a drawback: those with terrible aims may utilize these advancements too. It is critical to not just plan for the last and known assaults. We should have the option to foresee new types of danger, to ensure that we don’t experience the ill effects of ‘disappointment of creative mind’.

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What’s more, that is only the start. There are many use instances of how these networking sites have been questioned on global forums related to the data security of their billions of users across number of such sites. In the words of Dave Waters: “The potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence are huge, so are the dangers.”

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Neha Choksi is Assistant Professor-HR at Banasthali University, Rajasthan. She won the Blogger of the Month competition jointly organized by Bloggers Alliance and Transcontinental Times.


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