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The Impact Of The Humanitarian Crisis On Spanish Families Nobody Speaks About

Spain has lowered its family defense mechanisms and forces people to cope with problems alone

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Guest Contributor
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SPAIN: Many have fled their countries because of the different Humanitarian Crisis, and Spain is one of the refugee receptors of both Hispanic or Latin origin and “elsehow,” but nobody speaks about the impact refugees have on local families. While most of the officially proposed contributions consist of monetary funds and legal alleviation in obtaining work permits, and there are constant calls for solidarity, families of Spain are kept in total disinformation about existing “trades,” and only after the harm is done realize, once again, that somebody else has priorities over their rights.

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As more and more refugees find it morally justifiable to initiate one-sided relationships for a specific period, the painful reality is that those who suffer the consequences are mortals that are themselves in a disadvantaged situation, long ago abandoned by the System to which they are contributors.

The number of solo mothers, unhappy fathers of families, and advanced-age singles that sign for parasitic contracts, without realizing it, is alarming and grows every day. Manipulation makes locals suffer in silence, emotional starvation, monetary loss, and lifestyle decline. They shelter somebody they think loves them, and ignore clear signals of being used because they need organizational support in the first place. Thus, a relationship with a refugee costs a single member of Spanish society at least 15,000 EUR expanded over the period that the respective person needs “the donor.” Once on his/her feet, the refugee flees the relationship in such a way that the “donor” is regarded as the “bad one,” leaving destruction and broken lives behind so that their pride is safeguarded and they look “manly” in the eyes of their people. Bid by bid, “the donors” realize that they have been kept aside from the real-life behind sharing with that person, that they have been kept ignorant of who he or she really is and his or her existing family or other bounds.

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Spain has lowered its family defense mechanisms and forces people to cope with problems alone. Where are the moral grounds of people who in order to survive devastate family units? Why should locals allow in such a global humanitarian crisis somebody feast on their tables “for free”? It is time to speak up and ask Spanish authorities to recognize the impact of those “relationships” on families and children. It is time to speak up and make the State act in the name of citizen safety and inform people clearly on how to be aware of such “trades.”

It is time to speak up and fight for human rights on both sides of controversial “love affairs.” Yes, Spain will save a lot more people, but has to recognize that “parching” is not the solution to life’s imbalance and lack of social support within the country.

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Speak up about the impact of the Humanitarian Crisis on Spanish families nobody speaks about! Share your experience and fight back ignorance: if your sister, brother, and neighbors know how to better protect the integrity of your lives, your kids won’t have to deal with so many morally declined situations in the future, and, perhaps, your family won’t break into pieces either.


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