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The Legend of Malik Ambar: From Slave to Kingmaker

Malik Ambar was born in Ethiopia in the late 16th century

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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INDIA: In the early 17th century, Malik Ambar, a slave, rose to become one of the most powerful rulers in India. His story is one of perseverance, intelligence, and strength in adversity.

Malik Ambar was born in Ethiopia in the late 16th century. Arab slave traders captured him when he was still a child. 

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They sold him to a merchant in Baghdad before being taken to the Deccan region of India, where he was sold to the local ruler of the kingdom of Ahmednagar. 

Ambar was given the name “Malik” by his new owner, which means “king” in Arabic.

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Despite being a slave, Malik Ambar received an education in Islamic studies and military tactics, which would prove invaluable later in his life. 

He also became a skilled horseman and warrior and quickly rose through the ranks of the Ahmednagar army.

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In 1595, Malik Ambar was freed from slavery by the new ruler of Ahmednagar, who recognized his intelligence and military skill. 

He became a trusted advisor and commander in the army and played a critical role in defeating the Mughal Empire in a series of battles.

Malik Ambar’s power and influence grew continuously, and he eventually became the de facto ruler of Ahmednagar. 

He introduced several reforms, including constructing a new capital city and improving the agricultural system. He also built a powerful army that many adversaries feared throughout India.

Malik Ambar was not content with just ruling Ahmednagar, however. He also sought to expand his influence and power throughout the Deccan region. 

He formed alliances with other local rulers and launched a series of successful campaigns against neighboring kingdoms.

In 1610, the Mughal Empire finally defeated Malik Ambar in battle. 

He had to flee to another kingdom but still played a significant role in the politics of the Deccan region until he died in 1626.

Malik Ambar is known for his intelligence, military prowess, and rise from slavery to become a kingmaker.

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