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5 Common Mental Health-boosting Foods That You Must Add to Your Grocery List

Food items that would facilitate brain function and as well help in combating diseases

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: It is imperative to eat foods that help with weight loss and also certain calories that are important to boost overall health. Food and mental health are intricately related, as the kind of food you eat affects your brain and the food choices aid in the production of chemicals that boost mental health and help in overall growth.

Some of the food items that would facilitate brain function and as well help in combating diseases are mentioned below.

Best food items for good mental health

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Whole grains

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Some of the important components that fall into this category are beans, oats, and wild rice. We all eat simple carbs more often as our body and brain require carbohydrates for generating energy.

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Simple carbs easily augment the blood sugar level. Whole grain food items contain complex carbohydrates that result in the gradual production of glucose, which evens the source of energy.

Moreover, whole grains aid the brain in receiving more tryptophan, which, when eaten with foods such as chicken and turkey, can help ease the mind and relax, eradicating depression and anxiety.

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Active cultures that are present in yogurt and other products are wonderful sources of probiotics that aid digestion and decrease stress and anxiety. Potassium and magnesium that are present in yogurt also help oxygen reach the brain for proper functioning.


Photo Credit: Pexels/Rauf Allahverdiyev

Lycopene, which is responsible for the tomato’s red hue and is also considered an overall phytonutrient. This also helps in combating brain diseases. One of the major benefits of lycopene is its ability to delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by taking care of damages in the cell. Moreover, lycopene assists with memory, attention, logic, and concentration.

Dark chocolate

Photo Credit: Pixabay/AlexanderStein

The presence of cocoa in dark chocolate is more beneficial in influencing mental health as it contains flavonoids, a sort of antioxidant that boosts concentration and memory, uplifts mood, and helps in fighting cognitive decline in older people. Chocolate nonetheless is sweet because of its sugar content.


Photo Credit: Pexels/Marta Branco

Omega-3 fatty acids go a long way in helping fight depression, and nuts are an excellent source of them. Common nuts like cashews and almonds help improve your mood. Cashews improve oxygen supply to the brain and provide magnesium. The phenylalanine in almonds aids the brain in the production of dopamine, thereby improving your mood. It also helps in decreasing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

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