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The Taliban Ask Interpreters To “Show Remorse” As Foreign Forces Leave

Many Afghan colleagues and interpreters of foreign forces now fear the withdrawal of foreign forces

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AFGHANISTAN. Kabul: In a statement, the Taliban said that Afghans including interpreters who has previously worked with foreign forces have nothing to fear once international troops leave, as long as they “show remorse”.

“As a large number of Afghans were misled during the previous twenty-year occupation period and worked alongside foreign forces as interpreters, guards and under other titles, and now as foreign forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan, these Afghans also seek to flee the country and are fearful, ” the statement says. 

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“The Islamic Emirate would like to inform all the above people that they should show remorse for their past actions and must not engage in such activities in the future that amount to treason against Islam and the country.”

Meanwhile, many Afghan interpreters who have worked alongside the US and other foreign forces in Afghanistan are trying to receive visas to save their families and themselves before US President Joe Biden’s September 11 withdrawal completes. 

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“But none should currently desert the country. The Islamic Emirate will not perturb them, but calls them to return to their normal lives and if they do have expertise in any field, to serve their country. They shall not be in any danger on our part, ” the Taliban said. 

“We viewed them as our foes when they were directly standing in the ranks of our enemies, but when they abandon enemy ranks and opt to live as ordinary Afghans in their homeland, they will not face any issues hence they should not remain fearful and should continue living a serene life in their own country. However, if they are using “danger” as an excuse to bolster their fake asylum case, then that is their problem and not that of the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate.” 

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News of foreign embassies closure such as Australia, and warnings by other embassies to leave Afghanistan has fueled a fear among the Afghan interpreters. Due to this, they are willing to leave Afghanistan. 

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Many Afghan translators have been killed in the past. An Afghan interpreter Omid Mahmoodi told AFP News Agency in Kabul that, ”They (Taliban) never stick to their word or promise. They will take their revenge because they consider us agents or spies. They are tracking us.” 

“The Taliban will not pardon us. They will kill us and they will behead us.” Another interpreter Omar, who worked with the US embassy for about 10 years, feared that without leaving the country he would not evade the Taliban for long.

After the closure of the Australian embassy in Kabul, the Taliban said that they would provide a “safe environment” for these missions to work even after foreign forces leave the country.

Meanwhile, Britain is of the first foreign countries to accelerate the relocation of Afghan interpreters to the UK.

“As we withdraw our armed forces, it is only right that we accelerate the transfer of those who may be at risk of retaliation,” Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement on Monday.

Talking about the withdrawal, Former Advisor David Gergen said, “The U.S. has a moral obligation to get our Afghan interpreters to safety before we withdraw our troops. They protected us; now we must protect them.”


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