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These Valentine’s Day Chocolates From Fabelle Make The Ultimate V-Day Gift

Fabelle, by ITC, has a list of some special chocolates that are apt for expressing your love on V-day

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Suman Bajpai
Suman Bajpai
Freelance writer, journalist, editor, translator and travel writer, Worked with different magazines as an editor. Writing for past 33 years

INDIA. Delhi: Valentine’s day is just around the corner. It is that time of the year where you express your love and create beautiful memories with your loved one. What could be a better gift than a box of chocolates for your loved one? Who does not like chocolates? This creamy, sweet thing that melts in a mouth and gives a feeling of ecstasy, is the best dessert to enjoy with your valentine. Fabelle, by ITC, has a list of some special chocolates that are apt for expressing your love on V-day.

Whether you are on diet, or a gym freak, you cannot resist chocolates. It says there’s no clear relationship between body weight, health habits, and love for chocolate. Even people who are on a strict diet have chocolate at least once in an average four-week period. Here is a list of handcrafted chocolate creations that will be a perfect gift for your partner.

Fabelle Ruby Gianduja

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Ruby chocolate was created 80 years after the launch of white chocolate as the third type of chocolate besides Dark and Milk chocolate. Soon after its discovery, Ruby Chocolate became an immediate global sensation after it was launched in Shanghai, China and caught the admiration of chocolate connoisseurs across the world.

In October 2018, Fabelle unveiled ‘Ruby Gianduja’, India’s first Ruby chocolate creation, inspired by the Napoleon era delicacy and handcrafted by Fabelle’s Master Chocolatiers for a uniquely indulgent experience. Each Ruby Gianduja cube is individually wrapped and placed in classic Ruby hued tin boxes, making it an exquisite gift for your loved one this season.

Fabelle Ruby Gianduja. Photo Credit: Fabelle

Fabelle Continents Dessert Collection

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These hand-crafted chocolate truffles created by Fabelle’s Master Chocolatiers deliver a multi-sensorial experience to the taste buds through a confluence of exotic ingredients in each of the offerings that are true to its origin. ‘Fabelle Continents Dessert Collection’ offers the experience of five classic desserts from five continents of the world, reimagined in chocolate. These include – Cannoli from Italy (Europe), Lamington from Australia (Australia), Ras Malai from India (Asia), Maracuja from Venezuela (South America), and Key Lime Pie from America (North America).

Fabelle Continents Dessert Collection. Photo Credit: Fabelle

Desserts in a Jar

Experience Fabelle Signature Gianduja Jar – inspired by the age-old Napoleon era delicacy; Ruby Velvet Jar- the classic Red Velvet cake reimagined in Ruby chocolate, and Sunbean Coffee-Caramel Nut Jar – a unique symphony of coffee and caramel. Flavors across these creations have been perfected by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers for an ultimate dessert experience.

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Fabelle Luxury Bars

In this Bars collection, various varieties are available. Dark Choco Mousse is an intense 60% dark chocolate shell that envelops a smooth dark choco mousse filling, crafted for a true connoisseur.

Hazelnut Mousse is a fine dessert-like milk chocolate bar with luscious hazelnut cocoa mousse filling and crunchy roasted Turkish hazelnut bits.

Hazelnut Mousse. Photo Credit: Fabelle

Open Secret – Dark is an indulgent delicacy that’s visually irresistible. This dark chocolate bar is topped with finely roasted cashews, crunchy almonds, pistachios and is complemented by blueberries and cranberries with soft creamy dark choco mousse filling crafted to deliver a rich sensorial experience with every bite. Tiramisu is an intricately crafted milk chocolate bar filled with decadent coffee mousse and mascarpone cheese and draped in milk chocolate reminiscent of the rich Italian Tiramisu.

If you are a fan of strawberries, then try Strawberry Cheesecake that has a delectable strawberry filling. This rich cheese mousse and crispy inclusions recreate the British signature dessert.

Choco Deck

Nothing beats layers and layers of chocolate. One can indulge in a multi-textural layered chocolate experience with the Fabelle Choco Deck range. It includes ‘French Dessert’ that has a layer of luscious white chocolate with crispy and almond bits, layered between rich milk chocolate, recreating the classic ‘French Mille Feuille‘.

Fabelle Chocolate Mousse. Photo Credit: Fabelle

Fruit and Nut has a layer of soft choco creme with fruits and nuts between layers of rich milk chocolate.

In all, the day of love is synonymous with the smooth silky richness of the chocolate. Hence, eating chocolates might the perfect way to celebrate your love with the rich indulgent goodness.


  • Suman Bajpai

    Freelance writer, journalist, editor, translator and travel writer, Worked with different magazines as an editor. Writing for past 33 years

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