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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Threads by Meta Loses over Half Of Its Users, Zuckerberg Rues Retention Challenge

Meta's Threads witnesses massive sign-ups initially but is struggling with user retention

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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UNITED STATES: Meta’s latest foray into the social media landscape, Threads, made an explosive entrance with an astonishing 100 million sign-ups within just five days of its launch.

The text-based social media platform quickly gained popularity as users sought an alternative to Twitter’s restrictive changes. However, recent reports have revealed that the platform faces a significant challenge in retaining its user base, with more than half of the initial sign-ups no longer active on Threads.

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During an internal town hall meeting, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the issue, stating that while the retention rate on Threads was better than expected, it fell short of the company’s aspirations. 

Despite the massive initial influx of users, Zuckerberg noted that it would be ideal to have a higher retention rate, indicating that the platform is still striving to achieve that goal.

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In response to the drop in active users, Zuckerberg expressed optimism and normalcy. He believes that it is common for new social media platforms to experience fluctuations in user activity during their early stages. 

The CEO emphasized that the company is committed to enhancing the user experience by introducing new features that will entice users to return to the app.

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Chief Product Officer Chris Cox revealed that Meta is exploring additional retention-driving features, such as integrating important Threads into the Instagram app. By connecting the two platforms, Meta aims to encourage cross-platform engagement and draw users back to Threads.

During a second-quarter earnings conference call, Zuckerberg emphasized the team’s dedication to refining Threads. He acknowledged that the platform requires essential improvements and experimentation to deliver a seamless user experience. The Meta team is keen on analyzing user preferences and refining features accordingly to retain a strong user base.

Although Threads has received a massive influx of users, Meta acknowledges that it still has a long way to go in terms of refining the platform’s basic functionalities. Zuckerberg expressed confidence that once the team achieves this, Threads will gain further momentum and growth.

Addressing concerns about monetization, Zuckerberg revealed that the company plans to consider monetization strategies once Threads attains hundreds of millions of active users. 

Monetization plans will be carefully evaluated and implemented to ensure that they align with user interests and do not disrupt the user experience.

As Meta strives to tackle the user retention challenge, it remains focused on refining Threads and building a social media platform that users will find compelling and engaging. 

The success of Threads will depend on Meta’s ability to respond to user feedback, enhance the platform’s functionality, and deliver a seamless experience that keeps users coming back for more.

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