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Tips and Hacks for Women’s Solo Trip: Essentials to Keep in Mind

Here are some of the hacks, items, and tips that would be helpful

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: It is always a treat to choose the perfect trip and cater to yourself on a solo expedition. Women’s solo trips are in high demand as they open up new experiences and adventures. 

Travelling alone can be one of the most liberating experiences as it can provide you with an array of accomplishments, be it basking underneath the mellow sun with a sangria by your side, blissfully reading your favourite book, or taking small steps in climbing up a hill to reach the pinnacle. 

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It is, however, important for all women solo travellers to take all the necessary items and keep in mind the important hacks and safety measures that are needed to ensure a trip any solo woman traveller would enjoy. Here are some of the hacks, items, and tips that would be helpful. 

Prior plan 

It is always a nice thing to do to just jot down important points and questions that you might want to delve into before embarking on a trip by yourself.

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Some of the important questions that you might want to ask are the preferred place for accommodation, the kind of transport available in that area, proper accounts of expenditures, etc. 

Important items 

Some of the important carry-ons that every woman traveller must take along with herself are pepper spray, important toiletries like pee safe and hand sanitizers, sanitary napkins, and other items that you would require to maintain hygiene. 

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Places to stay 

Consider consumer feedback when searching for less expensive lodging options, then make informed choices. If a place is remote and dilapidated, it’s likely that solitary female travellers don’t visit it, so you’d probably prefer to pick somewhere else. 

Given that the hostel culture seems to be here to stay, there are tonnes of unique options now, and hostels are fantastic places to meet new people. 

Be responsible with your drinks

When you’re alone, absolutely no one should be trusted with your drinks. Purchase bottled water and have your own beverages created. 

Drinks are spiked more frequently than you might realise, and doing it on the go can go horribly wrong.

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