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Top 5 Beaches in Spain to Enjoy the Mellow Tropical Sun This Year

Sea-loving tourists can have the best beach experience in Spain 

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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SPAIN: The captivating beaches of Spain are probably one of the most underrated terrains of wonders in the country, known for its flamenco dance, football clubs, grand buildings, and mesmerizing art. It also has an array of fascinating islands like Gran Canaria, Majorca, Ibiza and Cabrera Spain. These beaches are serene and are surrounded by gorgeous coastlines in the northern and southern parts.

Here is a list compiled to aid every sea-loving tourist in getting the right beach experience in this bustling country. 

Beaches in Spain to visit this summer

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Playa De Silenco 

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Inés Álvarez Fdez

This place is situated at N-632, 33157 Castaneras, Asturias, Spain. Playa de Silencio is one of Spain’s most stunning beaches, often known as “The Beach of Silence.” This place’s amazing beachfront, adorned by silver sand and unmistakable rock formations, has been designated a monument and is, therefore, entirely undeveloped.

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This beach is not ideal for swimming due to its rocky topography, but one may still enjoy a stroll along its perfect sand or take in the sunshine in the peaceful surroundings. The best time to visit this place is from May to August. 

Playa De Ses Illetes 

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Tom Podmore
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Situated in Formentera, Spain, this beach has a lovely stretch of sandy beaches. During your journey, stop by the Ses Illetes beach to walk on one of the world’s best beaches. This beach is also referred to as “the Caribbean on the European continent” because of the way the sand is arranged and the turquoise colour of the sea.

One may fully enjoy the warm climate while indulging in delicious meals and sipping on their preferred beverages at any of the many restaurants and pubs lining the beach. The most ideal time to visit this place is throughout the year. 

Cala Comte 

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Michael Tomlinson

Located at 07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia in the Balearic islands, the best time to visit this place is from March to October. One of the nicest beaches in Spain in October, this golden sand beach has a magnificent backdrop of granite cliffs and sand dunes. A diverse audience from around the world frequently congregates here to witness the magnificent sunset views from its shores. 

Playa De Alcudia 

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Karin Hiselius

Situated at C-712 Alcudia-Arta, Port d’Alcudia, Alcudia, Majorca, Spain, Playa De Alcudia is a beach beset with spellbinding resorts near the shores. This is the largest beach in the Balearic islands, stretching for 7 kilometres of sand and is the most important beach place for local businesses like restaurants, bars, and watersports and with access to WiFi. 

Cies Islands 

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Alejandro Piñero Amerio

One of Spain’s top beaches may be found on Cies Island, which is off the northwest coast of the country in Galicia at the mouth of the Ria de Vigo. Families and couples alike will find it the perfect location because of its tranquil surroundings, flawless sand, and calm waves.

While there aren’t many water sports available in this tropical paradise, swimming and lounging on the loungers are the finest activities. The best time to visit this place is from March to September. 

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