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Delectable Traditional Food in the Top 9 European Countries

Best destinations in Europe for traditional food

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: Food in Europe is revered as with the distinct places that herald the diverse culture and the tempting food so unique with the proper blend of the traditions that catered to its making. 

With a population of approximately 746 million people in 44 countries, each has a specific delicacy that adds to the variety and vibrance of the continent. The top nine destinations in Europe for traditional food are listed below.

Here is a list of traditional food in the top 9 European places

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The famous escargot or edible snails might sound gross and inedible, but wait until you try these cooked in parsley, garlic butter, and other local seasonings. They are served in their shells that are not discarded. This dish is expensive, but that does not stop people from engaging in this exquisite delicacy.

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For a very long time, snails have been a source of protein that has been quite famous in Italy. The Romans also loved eating the snails and often cooked those for the elite upper class.


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Lurking somewhere at the seaside on an English beachside, grabbing one of the most popular English dishes, fish, and chips could be an amazing way to enjoy the aura. Haddock or cod are the usual kinds of fish preferred to cook this dish with a deep-fried batter and served with chips. Sometimes mushy peas, curry sauce and gravy come complimentary.


Dutch delicacy raw herring is a dish that forms an important component in people’s diet. But the fish is devoured raw, something people think twice about indulging. 

Salting and smoking herring were done in the Middle Ages in order to preserve the meat. Later the preservation process got upgraded and vinegar was added in the mix. A tinge of spices and herbs made it the dish that people prefer today. Most of the time, herring is served as a snack, along with cut pickles and onions.


Sometimes called the Greek kebab, Gyros or Gyro is Greek’s most famous traditional dish sold mostly as street food. Usually made from pork or chicken cooked on a rotisserie, it is often served along with onion, tomatoes, French fries and tzatziki sauce and pita bread.


As delectable as the name sounds and is unarguably all cheese-lovers’ favourite, cheese fondue is traditionally made from a combination of Emmental and Gruyere cheeses that are melted and served in a communal pot. People then eat that with pieces of bread. It has been the country’s national dish since the 1930s.


Paella is a dish that is adored worldwide despite having its roots in Spain. It comes from Valencia and has wide varieties, including the most traditional paella valenciana, cooked with meat, green beans and butter beans. Paella de marisco, where the essential ingredient is seafood, and paella mixta combining seafood, meat and vegetables.


Pizza has been a worldwide favourite dish that does not require much explanation of what it is. Even though it is made worldwide and with each country’s distinct variation, the Italians have been masters at making this popular dish. Every Italian city has got a distinct way of making this dish.


Every visitor and tourist must try a simple yet tasty dish, currywurst. This dish Combines two important ingredients, chips and sausages, topped with a curry-flavoured ketchup that results in a burst of flavours. Nearly 800 million currywurst are eaten by Germans every year, and they have also set up a museum in Berlin to dedicate to it.


Waffles with a signature sweet essence are an important dish in Belgium. There are usually two main waffles: Brussels waffle and Liege waffle. The former is typically rectangular, and sweet toppings are added, whereas Leige waffles are oval and are made with a brioche-type dough.

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