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Following Trump’s Comments on CNN, E Jean Carroll Files For Fresh Damages

Trump, who is running for election again, reiterated his earlier denials on CNN

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Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES: E. Jean Carroll, who this month won $5 million in damages from former president Donald J. Trump is now seeking a “very substantial” significant increase in response to his vulgarities on a CNN program just one day after she won her case for physical harassment and defamation. 

Trump, who is running for election again, reiterated his earlier denials on CNN on May 10 and referred to Carroll’s account as “fake” and a “made-up story,” among many other things. He affirmed once more that he had never met Carroll, 79, referred to her as a “wack job,” and said the civil trial was “a rigged deal” despite a photo of the two of them together.

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Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta A Kaplan, says, “It makes a mockery of the jury verdict and our justice system if he can just keep on repeating the same defamatory statements over and over again.” 

The report was forwarded on Monday in a separate defamation lawsuit Carroll brought in 2019 against Trump before the same judge who ruled over the civil trial.

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Shortly after Carroll asserted that Trump had sexually assaulted her and contributed to the development in the middle of the 1990s in a dressing room of a Manhattan store, former US President made comments that year about that case. The lawsuit is still pending, notwithstanding the appeals’ detour.

As per the court, “Since it is difficult to envision defamatory behaviour that could possibly be more driven by hatred, ill will, or spite, Trump’s statement reveals the depth of his malice towards Carroll.”

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The court went on to say that this behaviour permits a very large punitive damages award in Carroll’s favour, both to punish Trump, to discourage him from continuing defamation, and to deter others from doing the same.

The intention of Carroll’s filing on Monday in Manhattan federal court is to render Trump more financially impacted. He was found responsible for sexual abuse and defamation on May 9 by the jury in her civil case.

It mandated that he make $2 million in restitution for the sexual abuse and $3 million in restitution for the defamation to Carroll, a former advice columnist and the main ingredient of Manhattan’s media scene.

Trump keeps challenging the jury’s verdict. Following the verdict, Joseph Tacopina, his attorney, forwarded a motion for reconsideration. 

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