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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

U.S. Senate Control Still Uncertain as Reds Inch toward House Majority

Biden urged voters to cast their ballots against a potential threat on American democracy

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UNITED STATES: Arizona and Nevada election officials were struggling on Friday to count hundreds of thousands of uncounted ballots that could determine the coveted control of the Senate, a process that could drag on for a few days.

Either blue Democrats or red Republicans can secure a Senate majority in both states following Tuesday’s midterm vote.

A potential split could transform a December 6 standoff Senate election in Georgia into a proxy battle for the chamber, which highly impacts President Joe Biden’s judicial appointments.

The Republicans were inching toward a majority victory in the House of Representatives, primarily controlled by Biden’s Blue Team associates.

House control would give Republicans the administrative authority to launch extensive investigative probes into his administration.

The Edison Research Project conducted poll predictions to reveal Republicans had secured at least 211 of the 218 House seats they need for a majority, while the Blues had won only 197. That left only 27 races to be evaluated, including several tight races.

Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy has already announced his intention to run for speaker if the party takes over, which seems inevitable to him.

Biden revealed he had spoken to McCarthy over the matter but remained hopeful that the Democrats could still prevail in the House, despite the stakes against their win. “It’s still alive,” he said of their chances.

Democrats effectively averted a projected “red wave” of Republican gains, which threatened to dismantle Biden’s supremacy in American governance.

The Republican Party has long criticised Biden and his government over surging inflation and spiking crime rates, triggered further by the economic trauma of the pandemic after a turbulent four years under former President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Biden urged voters to cast their ballots against a potential threat to American democracy after several Republican candidates and Trump himself floated claims of voter fraud in the midterms.

The Democrats slammed their Red colleagues as extremists, highlighting the Supreme Court’s monumental decision to overthrow the nationwide right to abortion.

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