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Ukraine: 9 People Killed in a Russian Strike in Sloviansk

Donetsk Region governor reported on national TV that 7 Russian S-300 missiles had been launched

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UKRAINE: At least nine people were killed and 21 injured, and some apartment complexes in the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk were reduced to a twisted jumble of metal and concrete when Russian missiles struck there on Friday. 

Russian strike kills 9 in Ukraine

The governor of the Donetsk Region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, reported on national television that seven Russian S-300 missiles had been launched. Emergency services in the eastern Donetsk Region reported that nine people had been killed as of midnight (2100 GMT).

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Rescue workers searched for victims in Sloviansk, west of Bakhmut, Ukraine, using cranes, ladders, and other heavy equipment in the remains of apartments and stairwells. Climbing up and down ladders, they were precariously balanced on concrete slabs. This was the worst action on Ukrainian lines.

Apartments were destroyed in one section, with only a few window frames and stray pieces of plaster remaining. On one balcony, a pair of red drapes were still in place.

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The work was done at night with flashlights, and one five-story building’s top two floors fell during construction. More than 50 rescue personnel are still on the scene.

Teams retrieved a woman born in 1946 from the scene of the attack, according to Kyrylenko. Daria Zarivna, a senior official in President Zelenskiy’s administration, stated that a youngster who had been taken alive had died while being transported to a hospital. Numerous single-story homes and multi-story buildings were damaged in the attack.

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Zelenskiy wrote that “killing someone in broad daylight is all right, ruining and obliterating all life”. He later stated that there had not been a single hour leading up to this weekend’s Orthodox Easter services without Russian murders and terror. The loser in this situation is the evil state, and victory is our obligation.

Russian forces are pursuing their invasion of Ukraine and are currently stranded in the neighbouring city of Bakhmut. They are particularly interested in Sloviansk and the adjoining city of Kramatorsk.

Five individuals are believed to be buried beneath the rubble, according to Vadym Lyakh, a local official. The attack occurred on Good Friday, the first day of one of the most significant religious festivals in the Orthodox Church, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

Ukraine’s prime minister, Denys Shmyhal, has downplayed the potential consequences of classified papers, claiming that the two nations are “very united“.

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