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Ukraine War: Russia Claims to Stopped a Significant Ukrainian Attack

The Ukrainian military has said it is unaware of any imminent significant operation in the area

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RUSSIA: The Russian military ministry claims it has stopped a significant Ukrainian advance in Donetsk, killing 300 soldiers and destroying 16 armoured vehicles.

Russia has claimed to be conducting a battle in the area, but this has not been independently confirmed. The Ukrainian military has said it is unaware of any imminent significant operation in the area, and Kyiv has stated it will not provide early notice of the launch of its operation. The Ukrainian counteroffensive has been anticipated for a long time.

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The Russian Ministry of Defence has reported that six mechanised and two tank battalions from Ukraine launched a “large-scale offensive” in the Donetsk region on Sunday. The Ukrainians attempted to breach Russian defences in the most exposed area of the front line but failed, according to the report.

If the video of the armoured vehicles coming under heavy fire is true, it illustrates the fierce opposition Ukrainian forces may encounter as they attempt to liberate additional region.

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Moscow is still trying to seize control of the story, and the amount of information coming out of Ukraine on when and how their counteroffensive will develop has increased significantly.

Ukraine has been preparing for a counterattack for months but has sought as much time as possible to prepare troops and acquire military hardware from Western partners. Public speculation about the offensive has been discouraged by Kyiv officials, who believe it will only aid the enemy. 

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In a video released to Telegram on Sunday, the military ministry stated that there would be no notice of the start. Ukraine’s goal of reclaiming territory annexed by Russia nine years ago will take some time to accomplish, and Moscow has time to become ready. This indicates that it will take some time if Ukraine is able to launch a counteroffensive.

The Ukrainian government is trying to demonstrate to its citizens and Western partners that it is capable of breaching Russian defences, ending the military standoff, and reclaiming some of its sovereign lands. 

Oleksandr Syrskyi, the commander of the ground forces for Ukraine, declared that troops were “moving forward” towards Bakhmut and had destroyed a Russian position close to the city.

Troops near the Ukrainian border in Belgorod claim to have taken some Russian soldiers prisoner. The Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and the Freedom of Russia Legion (FRL) claimed that the declaration was a joint one.

President Vladimir Putin’s ouster is desired by both parties, who reject his invasion of Ukraine. Vyacheslav Gladkov, the top official in Belgorod, agreed to meet with their captors, but the fighters claimed “he had not found the courage” to meet them.

Recent attacks in Russia’s border regions have been attributed to Ukraine, while Kyiv disputes any involvement. An energy plant in Belgorod was on fire due to a drone attack.

Governor Vladislav Shapsha reported two drones falling onto a major road in Russia’s Kaluga region, which has been roped off. Moscow claims that Ukraine’s drone attacks often target the Belgorod region.

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