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Ulta Beauty Pursuing a “Low Code” Development Strategy with IterateAI

According to Michelle Pacynski, vice president of digital innovation at Ulta Beauty, "We could not have produced the cutting-edge applications as efficiently as we did without our partners at Iterate.ai"

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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UNITED STATES: US-based cosmetics chain Ulta Beauty has implemented Interplay, an intelligent, low-code platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the shopping experience.

Interplay was created by Iterate.ai, a company that develops low-code software and ecosystems using artificial intelligence.

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Ulta Beauty has been able to create several customer-facing solutions using Interplay, with no need for heavy coding and quick testing. One of these is an enhanced version of GlamLab, a mobile app feature powered by augmented reality (AR) that Ulta offers its clients to view how various cosmetic products might look on them.

A try-on service based on augmented reality was also developed by the merchant in its stores using Interplay. With the help of this gadget, salon or brow bar employees can virtually try on hair colour, cosmetics, and eyebrow shapes for store patrons to see options.

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Since 2016, the multinational cosmetics company has collaborated with Iterate.ai, a provider of business technology development platforms, to build, launch, and grow several cutting-edge digital customer experiences.

The company receives a low-code environment from Interplay that supports customisation and drag-and-drop operations. The platform contains 475 ready-to-use modules with advanced AI/ML, IoT, voice, headless commerce, blockchain, data integration, and API connectivity, among other features.

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According to Michelle Pacynski, Vice-President of digital innovation at Ulta Beauty, “We could not have produced the cutting-edge applications as efficiently as we did without our partners at Iterate.ai.”

She added, “As early adopters and proponents of Iterate’s low-code technology, we knew which apps would succeed and which wouldn’t right away. We have been able to seize chances where we can engage our visitors directly and genuinely in a variety of experiences thanks to our capacity to experiment quickly and with confidence.”

Additionally, the cosmetic chain worked with Interplay to create a skincare virtual beauty advisor powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that is available on the ulta.com e-commerce website. Customers can browse the retailer’s skincare selection by problem or by-product using the virtual advisor.

A series of dynamically created questions are posed by the virtual beauty counsellor, who then provides a list of personalised recommendations that can be examined further and bought.

Curbside pickup is one of the additional digitally enabled customer service options Ulta Beauty has created with Interplay. The curbside offering was an expansion of Ulta’s already-existing (and at the time suspended) buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) service and followed a similar procedure when it was first introduced in May 2020 while many stores were still closed as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to Brian Sathianathan, CTO of Iterate.ai, “Ulta Beauty shows how a committed low-code strategy can power a transformational pace of innovation—in this example, around 10 times faster than hardcoding.”

Further, he said, “A company quickly increases customer satisfaction and competitive difference when it can deliver intriguing, novel features and quickly adjust to client wants. With Interplay and the Ulta Beauty innovation team, we’re proud of our collaboration and anticipate future success.”

Regarding Iterate.ai

Businesses that use Iterate.ai can dream big and build quickly. The end-to-end innovation platform from Iterate makes it easier to complete each step in your innovation workflow, from dreaming big with trend analysis and evaluation of emerging technologies to building quickly with low-code microservices software for quick application development and large-scale deployment.

The company’s solutions appeal to corporate innovators and executives looking for low-risk, systemic approaches to growing internal innovation projects as well as long-term strategic planning. In North America (Silicon Valley and Colorado), Europe, and Asia, Iterate has a significant presence.

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