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UN Labour Rights Watchdog Facing Criticism over Qatar Conference Nomination

Qatari minister expected to take presidency of ILO event despite bribery investigation

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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QATAR: ILO, The International Labour Organization, is encountering negative effects over Qatar’s nomination to initiate the precious annual conference in spite of the EU lawmaker’s bribery that stirred a police investigation in the country. In June, Ali bin Saeed bin Samikh Al-Marri will lead the ILO’s International labour conference that will be held in Geneva, which would deem fit to improve lives globally. 

After it became apparent that Marri had met the primary suspect, a former Italian MEP identified as Pier Antonio Panzeri, at a five-star hotel in Brussels before an encounter with legislators where it was claimed the minister faced established softball inquiries from some representatives, Marri’s name arrived up in the Belgian police investigation into the “Qatargate” scandal at the European parliament.

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After being charged with being involved with a criminal organisation, money laundering, and corruption, Panzeri negotiated an agreement to plead guilty to the prosecution. Marri has never been suspected of any offence or formally charged.

The International Trade Union Confederation, having represented 200 million workers, gets tensed over Qatar’s probable conference presidency. Luc Triangle, the IUTC’s acting general secretary, stated in a newspaper, “With this letter, we wanted to make clear to the ILO president that we are absolutely unhappy with this proposal because it undermines the credibility of the ILO.” 

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They voiced issues about the $25 million the Gulf nation contributed to an ILO initiative to improve worker security measures in the country and stated that the Qatari government contributed the greatest amount of funding for the ILO’s Doha office. When the “technical assistance” plan became available in 2017, Qatar’s $25 million payment was kept under wraps. In this light, the ILO mentions, “It is not unusual for a government to fund an office within their own country, and this funding mechanism does not affect the independence of the ILO.” 

The former ILO official said, “The ILO has been dependent on the [Qatar] reform programme on Qatari money, that’s for sure,” adding, “It’s not the first time the ILO is doing programmes with governments, but it’s unusual that such a huge amount of money is put on the table.”

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More than 6500 migrant workers from countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka lost their lives in Qatar in light of the country getting the right to host the World Cup ten years back. 

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