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UNSC Prepares for An Emergency Session, Biden Calls Allies

The White House has declined to reveal who would participate in the telephone chat with Joe Biden

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UNITED STATES: On Monday, US President Joe Biden will host a conference call with allies to discuss the Ukraine conflict. The “secure call” from the US and its allies comes as the UN Security Council (UNSC) has called for an emergency session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) to discuss the escalating situation in Ukraine.

“11:15 AM [16:15 GMT] The President leads a secure conversation with Allies and partners to address the latest developments about Russia’s attack on Ukraine and to organise our united response,” according to the White House’s Monday schedule.

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The White House has declined to reveal who would participate in the telephone chat with Joe Biden.

The Biden administration had previously sharply attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat, arguing that it was an unacceptable escalation of Ukraine’s full-fledged conflict, which began on February 24.

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The United States has led the Western condemnation of Moscow’s activities in Ukraine, imposing a raft of sanctions aimed at the Russian economy.

Despite the tough sanctions imposed by the US, Russia’s oil and gas will continue to flow freely to the rest of the world. 

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Since the war on Ukraine, US President Biden has justified his decision to maintain access to Russian energy in order to alleviate the suffering felt by American residents at the gas pump.

However, other experts argue that barring an industry (in this case, the energy sector) at the heart of Russia’s economy will effectively limit the sanctions imposed.

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