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US Plans to Negotiate a New $1.1 Billion Arms Deal with Ukraine

As Ukraine battles Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, the package will be the most recent military acquisition

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UNITED STATES: As Washington awaits the results of what it terms “fake” referendums in Ukraine, U.S. officials indicated on Tuesday that a new $1.1 billion armament package for Ukraine’s conflict with Russia is being prepared and will be unveiled soon.

As the country battles Russian forces, the package will be the most recent military acquisition. Under the condition of anonymity, the authorities stated that the package would be revealed soon.

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It is anticipated that the Biden administration will use money from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative that Congress allocated to buy weapons from the market rather than from the country’s current arsenal.

According to a source familiar with the strategy, the package will comprise HIMARS launcher systems, accompanying ammunition, various counter-drone systems, and radar systems, as well as replacement parts, training, and technical support.

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The results of a referendum being held by pro-Russian forces in the European nation’s seized regions are currently being closely watched by the United States.

Should Moscow seize these regions following the release of the referendum results, Washington is contemplating a fresh set of penalties against Moscow.

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The referendums have been denounced by President Joe Biden, who also declared that the United States would never recognise the results.

The United States has provided more than $15 billion in military aid to the country for its conflict with Russia.

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