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Uttarakhand: Waqf Board to Initiate a Change in the Syllabus and a Dress Code

Waqf Board also announced to keep its madrasas admission open for children belonging to different religions

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INDIA: In a recent development, Uttarakhand Waqf Board is set to initiate a change in the syllabus and dress code in its madrasas in the upcoming year. The shift is made by Waqf Board for the modernisation of madrasa education in the state.

The Waqf Board also announced to keep its madrasas admission open for children belonging to different religions, said the Board Chairman Shadab Shams. 

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As a part of advancement, the Pushkar Singh Dhami government will bring a new dress code from the next session in all 103 madrassas, which run under the Waqf Board in Uttarakhand. The new change will happen in a phase-wise manner, under which seven such institutions fall under the contrivance.

The Muslim Board chief Maulana Sajid Rashidi in his statement, said, “A madrassa board that reports to the government exist in each state. Nobody is preventing them from imposing clothing requirements, playing music or movies, or doing whatever they wish in those Madrassas.”

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“However, we won’t allow you to do anything in our private Madrassas. Because 4% of children in private madrasas are retained to become maulvis and maulanas, all Indian Muslims will be opposed to any attempts to tamper with that 4% of madrassas. We won’t allow them to do this,” he added.

However, the news is making rounds in the headlines due to a controversial statement made by a Muslim cleric against the government. He threatens the government not to date touching the private madrassas; otherwise, the country will burn. 

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Taking a dig at other government ran madrassas, Maulana Rashidi said, “The government is not a source of funding for us. These are the foolish individuals who, in an effort to increase government revenue, handed their madrassas to the state and are now paying the price. Due to this, our senior Ulemas and Maulavis advise others to refrain from accepting government funding for madrassas.”

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