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Venice Fashion Week: Sustainable Magnificence

Venice is hosting many events linked to the 2020 edition of Venice Fashion Week

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Italy, Venice – Tiziano Guardini opened Venice Fashion Week on Friday 12, June. During the summer, Venice is hosting many events linked to the 2020 edition of Venice Fashion Week. The focus is on artisanal slow fashion and its importance for the environment and for local communities. Thus, Tiziano Guardini presented a collection created with the Veneto Region Federation of Manufacturers, using the Venetian fabrics of Tessiture Bevilacqua.

The first winner of the Green Carpet Award, Tiziano Guardini feels for both environmental and social issues. As he pointed out, the use of local fabrics and labor helps reduce the impact of transport. It also makes it possible to keep an eye on the productive process. Moreover, it backs local communities, preserving jobs and traditions.

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Gabriella Marin, one of the Venetian designer and pattern maker he collaborated with, shares his vision. She noted: “Slow fashion is about “taking care of people and things”. Caring for people means paying them fairly. It also means giving them the chance “to be happy with their jobs”. Caring for things means creating quality products that will last in time, which, in its turns, is an advantage for the earth.

Venetian Artisanal Magnificence and Tradition

Tessiture Bevilacqua´s fabrics, with their ancient motifs linked to Venice contacts with the Far East, are famous. They are on the walls of many buildings and in many churches in Venice and worldwide. They have also been the object of many fashion collaborations. As for Guardini, he has used them for short coats and long dresses. Inspired by the sea, the dresses feature his distinctive waves, crafted by alternating velvet and recycled nylon. A must-see.

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Besides Tiziano Guardini, countless artisans have shown or will show their works at Venice fashion week. As a matter of fact, local production in a place with the past, and the textile tradition of Venice becomes magnificence. For example, the lace made on the island of Burano which Marina Vidal uses for her creations is magnificent.  And magnificence is the word that comes to mind looking at Antonia Sautter´s carnival costumes. As seen, anyhow, all this magnificence has a strong ethical side.

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