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Voice for India Founder Renee Lynn Highlights Importance of Productivity and Healthy Lifestyle

Renee Lynn adores what she has accomplished now by breaking all shackles of disbelief

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INDIA/UNITED STATES: In an exclusive interview with TCT, Voice for India founder, activist, and author, Renee Lynn, talked about the significance of a balanced lifestyle and discipline.

Lynn talks about significance of optimistic attitude

Bravery is a key ingredient to ensuring a life that accomplishes a lot, and travelling gives life a new dimension, satisfying the self and inspiring the self to achieve more.

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Renee Lynn confessed that she was bashful for a greater portion of her life, which prevented her from opening up or doing anything, so much so that she felt worse for feeling “trapped” both mentally, physically, and emotionally.

She gathered her strength one day and promised herself that she would never adhere to anyone else’s beliefs. She adores what she has accomplished now by breaking all shackles of disbelief.

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She affirmed, “Always try to be brave, even if you don’t feel like you are brave. You have to try to push past those boundaries within yourself to grow to the next level; otherwise, how will you grow from your present stage? Anyone can master tense situations through an optimistic attitude and self-belief.”

Renee Lynn said that international travel inspired her to change her life. She mentioned that she was shy and cautious as she changed certain perspectives in order to make significant changes in her life. She decided that it was time to transcend her ideals to another level by travelling to myriad countries.

Importance of travel in boosting self-esteem

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Lynn stated, “I was nervous, but yet each country I travelled to gave me so much self-esteem, confidence, and a feeling of, Wow, I did it; I am so proud of myself.”

According to Lynn, she could notice an efficient and positive transformation in herself with each country that she visited, and she felt “empowered and catapulted” as she returned home. There was a sense of desperation as she visited more countries.

She mentioned, “It got to the point of addiction; I started to country hop.” Her penchant for travelling made her accommodate Bali, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India in a single trip. “It was exhilarating. I am so happy I took the leap of faith,” she said.

Lynn believes that the one ingredient ensuring a blissfully healthy life is balance. It is imperative to balance health, professions, and passions. According to her, regular exercises provide energy and strength to deal with everyday work life. She prioritises maintaining a healthy lifestyle over anything, and that includes eating nutritious food daily.

She said, “If you feel healthy, you will be more productive, and that includes proper sleep. Balancing my life with my profession and passions is easy for me, maybe because I have always been a disciplined person in my daily habits of caring for myself.”

She said, giving hints from research, “An individual’s productivity is related to their health. This is precisely why good eating habits, coupled with exercise and plenty of sleep, are crucial.”

Lynn said that there have been quite a number of dreadful instances in her life that have caused bouts of anxiety. She said that daily prayer has assisted her in gaining a new perspective on life. “Prayer works! Research today shows that people who believe in God or a higher power have an easier time dealing with difficult times that may arise in their lives,” she added.

Adding to this, Lynn also believes that long walks in the woods are beneficial, especially amid nature surrounded by animals, birds, and trees. She opines that walking also heals and relaxes the soul. According to her, situations are temporary, and everyone emerges from them “stronger and wiser.”

“Just dealing with situations in holistic ways is how I handle trials”, she added. Some of the “amazing people” who have inspired Lynn are Sadhguru, Wayne Dyer, and Bob Proctor, whose “words of wisdom are really thought-provoking and life-changing.”

Addressing the readers, she stated that doing things can prove to be life-altering. It is imperative to take small steps in doing certain things that prove to be challenging and scary. She highlighted that negative thoughts invariably come to everyone’s path when they try to attain anything different and hinder all the efforts.

“Anything life-changing will feel uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable. If you are feeling uncomfortable, then this is the first sign you are shifting paradigms. In order to advance, you have to do something you’ve never done before, and that might include shaking knees and a rapid heartbeat,” she said.

She inferred by stating that there are good indications of change, stressing, “It’s worth feeling uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is good. Fear is good. Don’t take fear as being bad; look at the good in fear.”

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